The S.N.A.A.P. Technique: How To Sell Any Idea In 60 Seconds

Are you curious about how you can make every single connection you make with people more valuable?

From an elevator pitch to asking out someone for a date all the way to speaking life into people.

Lisa Nichols, Founder of Motivating The Masses and the most requested teacher from the documentary “The Secret” explains how the SNAAP technique can help you make the most out of every interaction you have.

About The Video

Every person, you strike a conversation with is a potential friend, investor, business partner, future better half, client, or customer. And when you only have a minute to impress, every word you say counts in how you’ll be remembered.

So check this out.

This single technique has helped Lisa…

  • Raise $4.8 million by pitching her business to investors
  • Bring amazing talents on board for her team
  • And to even transform lives by speaking her bold truth

Watch the video above the see how the S.N.A.A.P. technique can bring the same results for you.

If you had only a minute to pitch yourself or your business — what would you say? Share it with us in a comment below.

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