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Mindvalley Academy: All-Year Intake To Our School Of Growth

Our school of growth

We have more news to break. We were serious when we said we wanted to spread enlightened ideas and touch a billion lives by 2050. And we’d love for you to be one of the billion (if you feel like your life has been touched by our work – thank you).

Imagine a one-stop destination where you can access the best personal growth courses, guides and programs and consume them in your own personal virtual classroom: our school of growth. Imagine a holistic online institution that is dedicated to offering teachings that will improve your life, help you reach your higher self and gives you the freedom to study at your own time and space, no matter what your background, age or qualification. Imagine a dot com school of thought, school of life, school of meditation, school of love, heck – even school of enlightened sex. A school of growth, indeed. Mindvalley Academy

Well, we’re psyched to announce that we are well on our way there. We often get emails from you asking for a location that lists all of our products, authors and partnered courses. Now you can access our growing library at the Mindvalley Academy.

We’ve worked hard to design and package a sleek, effective and user-friendly store platform that presents our top products in a sophisticated way and gives our students an equally sophisticated user experience.

In a nutshell, see it as the iTunes of personal growth. An our intake is all year long.

Check out the preview to Mindvalley Academy below.

P.S. – More courses will be added to the store soon. Stay tuned to our mission 🙂


If you want to become more compassionate and productive, Emily Fletcher's Masterclass on Meditation for Super Performance is absolutely FREE and plays on Mindvalley Academy.



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