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Mind Where Are You In This Scale Of Consciousness? Try This Muscle Testing Exercise To Find Out

Where Are You In This Scale Of Consciousness? Try This Muscle Testing Exercise To Find Out

What do your muscles say about you? Our bodies carry wisdom that most of us haven’t fully tapped into yet. Have you ever felt a pit in your stomach, like something was not quite right, and then ignored it — only to find out that your first instinct was right?

Our mind can talk us in or out of anything… But the body doesn’t lie.

That’s where applied kinesiology. Applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is one way to understand the language of the body. Through small exercises, you can learn what level of consciousness you’re at — and where to bring consciousness to. According to physician and psychiatrist Dr. Hawkins every single human being lies on the Scale of Consciousness, with the highest number of consciousness anyone can reach at 1000.

Watch the full video for an exercise to place yourself on the scale of consciousness.

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