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How To Rewire Your Mind For Greater Happiness & Success

by Srikumar Rao January 11, 2018

In this video, TED speaker & leading MBA professor, Srikumar Rao, shares how to consciously shift your mental story for greater happiness and success.

How Those Automatic Negative Thoughts Affect You

Does your brain never stop chattering?

Even when you take a deep breath, even when you try to relax or go to sleep, intrusive thoughts seem to appear out of thin air?

That’s because our minds operate on a constant unpleasant background of anxiety, cycling through our thoughts, hopes, fears, desires, and judgments to help us create our own reality.

We think we live in the real world but we live in the real world.

Our mental filters completely alter the way we feel, act, think or behave at any given moment — and make us more likely to view the world the same way again.

Rewiring Your Brain For A Better Reality

Neuropsychologists have known for a long time that “neurons that wire together fire together.”

Every single one of your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors becomes a neural network in your brain.

And the more often you have the same thoughts, see the same people or stay in the same environment, the easier it is for your brain to “remind” you to experience the world in the same way.

But the good news is that you can rewire your brain by shifting your mental story.

If you’re tired of waking up to the same feelings and problems, you have the power to choose another mental story to make long-lasting life changes that support your happiness.

srikumar rao
Dr. Srikumar Rao, author of The Quest For Personal Mastery

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