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How To Remove Abundance Blocks With Energy Clearing

Start Living A Prosperous Life

How are abundance blocks holding you back from a life of prosperity?

Abundance blocks are limiting beliefs and thought patterns that constrict you to a diminished way of life, which prevent you from actualizing your goals and dreams.

But the good news is, abundance blocks can be removed through energy clearing.

In fact, Vishen Lakhiani himself went through an energy clearing session with Christie Marie Sheldon, one of the world’s leading energy healers and experts on intuition coaching, shortly before his company, Mindvalley, took off.

Christie explains in this 30-minute video from A-Fest Costa Rica by Mindvalley how energy clearing can remove your abundance blocks — for good.

The Best Highlights

You’ll hear two amazing stories of how she helped her clients clear deep-rooted abundance blocks — and the instant results they experienced afterward.

You’ll also discover:

  • (4:13) — How we create our reality as young children through belief imprinting;
  • (8:00) — How “cross-purpose” causes conflicts within our subconscious and ultimately holds us back from abundance;
  • (9:13) — How to react when your old negative and limiting patterns show up.

But this is more than just a lecture.

Around the 14-minute mark, Christie actually takes the entire crowd through an immersive energy clearing session to identify and eliminate specific negative patterns that you may have picked up in your childhood.

If this video resonates with you, Christie Marie Sheldon is back again with her wildly popular FREE Masterclass, Unblock Your Abundance, where you can learn how abundance blocks are holding you back — and, how to overcome them. Sign up now.

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How did you feel after Christie’s energy clearing session?

Share your experience in the comments below.

If this content resonated with you, join Christie Marie Sheldon in her wildly popular Masterclass, Unblock Your Abundance. Learn how abundance blocks are holding you back and how to overcome them: Book your spot here.

Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon is one of the world's leading experts in energy healing and intuition coaching, reaching out to thousands through radio shows and working with world and business leaders.

She's done over 30,000 personal consultations over the past 15 years alone. She is a Mindvalley author and the author of the Unlimited Abundance program.

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