How To Relieve Anxiety With Meditation

Meditation for Anxiety
Anxiety can be as minor as an occasional worry or as debilitating as constant panic and deep fear.

Wherever you may fall on the scale, you know that anxiety isn’t fun and despite how hard you might try, it can be difficult to ease the symptoms.

Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways in your life.

It can be a feeling of constant worry, or fearing an uncertain outcome. You might also feel very nervous for the most part of the day, or incredibly anxious.

Sometimes, something small, like getting stuck in traffic, makes you want to get out of the car and run away – Maybe you’ll notice a shortness of breath, sweaty hands, dry mouth, and your heart beating like crazy.

Despite how frustrating anxiety symptoms can be, there are proven techniques that don’t require medication or years of therapy.

Of course, we aren’t doctors and can’t offer medical advice, but feel free to try out some of the techniques we’re going to talk about below.

They’ve been proven to be effective in managing anxiety.

Meditation Techniques For Anxiety

Just like anxiety can show itself in many ways, there are different approaches to meditation.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation doesn’t come with strict rules and techniques. Instead, you can look for an approach that works best for you.

Meditation is a skill that speaks to every part of your life.

From relationships to career goals and maintaining a healthy outlook, meditation puts you back in control.

In terms of using it for anxiety, you’ll be training your mind to listen. Those moments when you feel helpless, scared and worried can be replaced with feelings of calm, confidence and relaxation, just because you know how to control your emotions and thoughts.

The more you meditate the more control you gain

To give you some idea of your options regarding meditation for anxiety, consider the following:

Concentration Meditation

With concentration meditation you’ll be focusing on one specific object.

It’s one of the more traditional approaches, because you learn how to let thoughts come and go without entertaining them. The single object you meditate on can be something simple like breathing, but it’s very important that it remains your point of attention.

Not allowing wayward thoughts to draw your attention is key.

Awareness Meditation

Awareness meditation is a little more modern, because there isn’t a single focus point.

Where you typically consider thoughts and feelings as distractions with concentration meditation, this approach is the exact opposite.

Each random thought, emotion or fantasy becomes the focus point, until another pops up of course.

You are at liberty to try both of these meditation techniques, or settle on the one that works best for you.

In fact, you can search for other techniques as well if you don’t like these.

Guided Meditation For Anxiety

The biggest reason why people refrain from meditating is because they don’t really understand it.

  • How do you control all the thoughts that pop into your head?
  • How do you let them go?
  • How do you even know meditation for anxiety actually works?

For everyone who is trying meditation for the first time, consider guided meditation.

This is when you find a quiet place where nobody can bother you, put on a set of headphones and follow the guided session. There will usually be calming sounds and music in the background while a professional in the field talks you through the process.

Just like every skill in life, you need to develop your mental ability.

The more you apply yourself and the more you do it, the more you realize how meditation affects your life.

Gradually those moments of anxiety will be replaced with thoughts of control and better understanding.

To help you get started here are 3 guided meditation sessions from Omvana, the #1 app for meditation that you can use:

Anxiety Relief

This guided meditation by Lee Holden, A-fest speaker and Qi Gong master is perfect for anxiety relief.

Breathing alone can create a massive impact on the way you feel, but the most important aspect is allowing the message to reach your subconscious. It’s very effective and the guidance is clear and precise.

Meditation For Chronic Anxiety

This session is slightly longer and but it’s very easy to follow.

While a narrator takes you through the session step-by-step, you’ll imagine yourself in a story that will take your mind off your everyday hassle. The gentle music will help stimulate the brain towards a relaxed state.

Guided Meditation For Anxiety And Relief

If you feel you need a longer session then this is one to keep in mind. It’s about 18 minutes long and combines guided meditation with hypnosis.

The narration is accompanied by binaural beats and it is designed to make you let go of stress and welcome creative energy enter your mind.

Don’t let anxiety dictate your life anymore. The moment you start meditating is the moment you take a step towards taking control.

The only thing stopping you from gaining an effective solution is yourself.
If you like to listen to more meditation tracks from your phone, try our free Omvana app for iOS and Android.

Which type of meditation is your favorite? Share it with us in a comment!


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