The 4-Step Questioning Process That Will Help You Discover And Let Go Of Your Abundance Blocks

Are abundance blocks keeping you from manifesting the life of your dreams? You might be surprised to learn where your personal energy blocks really come from.

The Reasons For Your Abundance Blocks

It’s not that you don’t work hard enough. It’s not even that you don’t have a positive mindset. The reason you’re not where you want to be is often simple but invisible: you have abundance blocks.

Abundance blocks are unconscious obstacles, usually in the form of belief systems, that interfere with manifesting the life you want to create.

And by abundance, she means way more than just money. It affects our wellbeing, our relationships, and our career as well.

So where do these energy blocks come from? And more importantly: how can we get rid of them for good?

These abundance blocks often linger from your experiences in childhood. More often than not, they start to appear before you even hit age 7. Why? Because as a child, you’re a sponge. You soak up and absorb so much of what’s in your environment.

Even if you have great role models in your life, you’re bound to pick up some false belief systems.

That’s why you can have abundance in certain areas of your life — like in your relationships — and have abundance blocks in other areas of your life. Like your finances or career.

In this video, energy healing expert Christie Marie Sheldon reveals a startling truth. Not only do we all possess our own set of personal energy blocks — but these energy blocks are subconsciously sabotaging our abundance.

The great news?

We can let go of them through a 4-step questioning process.

Christie Marie Sheldon explains how energy blocks are formed and how we can dissolve them for increased health, wealth, and unlimited abundance in the video above.

What Does It Take To Let Go Of Your Abundance Blocks?

How thrilling would it be to experience a visible, measurable abundance shift within weeks?

What if you were able to access newfound ease to reach your goals — for real this time?

In the video above, Christie shares a story about one of her clients, a stay-at-home mom, who managed to do exactly that.

Everyone is able to experience change and transformation — including you. It just requires digging deep and doing the work. The inner work.

But the reward is great.

Think free-flowing abundance.

A massive reduction in self-doubt and fear.

And the unmistakable, exhilarating feeling of stepping into the life of your dreams.

About Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon has spent her life helping people heal their past, clear their energy blocks, and transform their lives.

With over 15 years as a gifted intuitive life coach and author, she’s conducted over 30,000 personal consultations with clients. She’s Mindvalley’s No. 1 Bestselling and most viral author, celebrated for her uncanny ability to tap into people’s energy fields, clear their blocks, and empower them to live up to their full potential.

Her mission is to help people live in an abundant state of flow, free from the stress of lack and negativity.

Magic Happens When You Clear Your Abundance Blocks

What if the biggest obstacle to your dreams isn’t hard work, but something you ,weren’t even aware of?

You could be working hard in your career, on your health, or your relationships – but still not achieve success despite your efforts. Why?

It’s because you still have Abundance Blocks – limiting beliefs and thought patterns that cause you to unconsciously pull back from success.

Abundance Blocks are incredibly destructive because you could unconsciously be sabotaging your own efforts for abundance, even when you put in the work.

It’s like taking one step forward and two steps back.

However, you can easily remove your Abundance Blocks in less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee – if you knew the exact steps.

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Clear The Energy Blocks That Are Stopping You From Attracting The Abundance You Deserve

At what age did your first energy block appear? Share your thoughts below.

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