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How To Read Faster And Learn More

Learning To Read Effectively

Have you ever tried to read faster, only to realize you stopped paying attention to what you were reading?

Or maybe you’ve found yourself not getting much more information beyond reading the first few paragraphs?

Turns out, in any given page of text, only 4-11% of the information you read carries the entire meaning of the text. The rest are just fillers.

learn to read faster

In this video, Paul Scheele, Founder Partner of Learning Strategies Corporation, shares two simple — but powerful —techniques that will instantly help become crazy smart by learning to read faster and learn more effectively.

His first technique is one that you may already be familiar with and has to do with “Previewing,” a technique widely used to read faster and extract the information you need. Watch his video to discover his second technique.

Paul Scheele is also the author of PhotoReading — a unique technique to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently without speed reading.

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