Why We Need To Praise Ourselves Instead Of Waiting For Others To Do So

Why We Need To Praise Ourselves Instead Of Waiting For Others To Do So

Britain’s no. 1 therapist, Marisa Peer shares how to shift our mental chatter from criticism to praise in this video.

About The Video

Have you ever hesitated to accept compliments or praise about yourself from others?

Many of us outright reject praise. We don’t allow ourselves to accept or feel good about a compliment or a positive message.

We may instantly negate the compliment, apologies, put ourselves down, laugh at ourselves, or try to convince the person giving the praise that we’re actually “not that great”.

Sounds familiar?

Yet, receiving positive acknowledgment or praise makes us feel so good. Allowing praise can boost our self-esteem, self-confidence, improve our self-image, and help us feel self-love and inner joy.

So why don’t we allow ourselves that healthy, healing experience? How do we learn to truly listen and accept good, positive messages?

In this moving 5-minute video, Marisa Peer teaches us the importance of making praise familiar and criticism unfamiliar.

Marisa leads us through a simple exercise to allow self-praise that will instantly make positive messages sink in and ultimately… become familiar.

Do you have a compliment that you wish to hear from someone — or from yourself?

Written by
Marisa Peer