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Omvana – Now The Most Powerful Meditation Platform

by Mindvalley July 15, 2018
Introducing the World’s First Customizable Library of Audios for Meditation, Sleep, Relaxation, Focus & Inspiration – in One Powerful Online Service.

Are you looking to improve your sleep, find new ways to de-stress, or feel inspired? The app Omvana does exactly that as a powerful meditation platform. Mindvalley developed the app to be the greatest innovation in 3,000 years of meditation history.

Meditation For Modern Times

Dubbed the “Spotify” of meditation, Omvana features thousands of relaxation and sleeping audios, cutting-edge binaural beats, and personal growth tracks. These tracks are by the world’s leading health, wellness, and inspirational figures.

Some of the notable names featured include Lisa Nichols, Jon Gabriel, Bob Proctor, Laura Silva, Peter Diamandis, and Gabrielle Bernstein.

The app also features a unique mixing board.

Omvana allows users to combine vocal tracks from guided meditations or famous speeches with ambient sounds, music, and more. These personalized combinations can be saved, so users may create their own blissful experience in which they can relax, feel inspired, sleep better, or de-stress anytime and anywhere.

The updated version amps up the functionality. New additions include smoother navigation, the option to connect with Facebook, and the ability to sync multiple devices with the Omvana cloud. You can also buy more amazing tracks through the Omvana Store.

And the best part? Omvana creators promise to continue growing the store so that users will be able to listen to a new meditation every day for an entire year.

A Powerful Meditation Platform

Omvana: Meditate, Relax, Sleep, Focus & Nap Better with 1000s of Sounds is free to download from the Apple iTunes Store.

The recently launched app by Mindvalley, which made it to the Top 20 iTunes Health and Fitness apps in just two weeks, is releasing the updated version 1.2.

Mindvalley created Omvana to spread modern meditation to millions worldwide.

The idea? Make the practice engaging, sophisticated, and customizable for the optimal individual experience. Make it so good, in fact, that it becomes “the greatest innovation in meditation history in 3,000 years.”

Omvana Play is an evolution of our iPhone App. This app hit the #1 spot in Health & Fitness in 30+ countries and has been seen on CBS News, BBC News, The Huffington Post, and Forbes.

We make Omvana Play, the world’s biggest library of personal growth tracks on the web, available to our 2 million subscribers for an incredibly low monthly and yearly subscription price. It is the most powerful meditation platform out there.

Play, customize, and mix hundreds of life-changing audios to your heart’s content. The library includes content from world famous authors like The Secret’s Bob Proctor, Laura Silva, Arielle Ford, Michael Beckwith, Lee Holden, Lisa Nichols, and more.

When you want to increase your productivity or focus, enhance your sleep, reduce stress, relax instantly, or get a quick dose of happiness and positivity, just choose a track to fit your needs and click play. You can even customize and mix ambient tracks and vocal tracks for your own personal experience. 

Device Requirements

iOS 5.0+
Compatible with:

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
  • iPod Touch 3, 4, 5
  • iPad

Watch the Omvana trailer above and launch your personal growth transformation easily by visiting Omvana.

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by Mindvalley
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