Unicorns On A Treadmill, And Turning Day Into Night — The Power Of Lucid Dreaming

The Bizarre Power Of Lucid Dreaming

Can you imagine going to your kitchen to grab a glass of water, only to find a tiny unicorn running on a treadmill in the sink?

The power of lucid dreaming is vast.

As bizarre as this sounds, that is part of the story about the power of lucid dreaming in the video above.

Alexandru Surdu from Romania, is one of Mindvalley’s Learning Experience Designers, who helps work with authors to create courses that change lives by merging curriculum and technology.

As part of his role, he had to study the world of lucid dreaming to help with our upcoming course on the topic, which sparked his journey into this weird unknown plane.

Listen to Alexandru and see what happens during lucid dreaming, from unicorns on treadmills, to impressing his girlfriend by turning day into night.

If you’ve ever wondered what this mystical practice is all about, check out this video to hear some real-life (and sometimes surreal) experiences.

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What possibilities have you discovered with the power of lucid dreaming?

Share your experiences in the comments below.

Andrew Holecek

Andrew Holecek

Andrew Holecek is an author and spiritual teacher. As a long-time student of Buddhism, he frequently presents this tradition from a contemporary perspective – blending the ancient wisdom of the East with modern knowledge from the West. Drawing on years of intensive study and practice, he teaches on the opportunities that exist in obstacles, helping people with hardship and pain, death and dying, and problems in meditation. Known as an expert on lucid dreaming and the Tibetan yogas of sleep and dream, he is an experienced guide for students drawn to these powerful nocturnal practices.

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