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Steven Kotler On Accessing Flow States

Steven Kotler On Accessing Flow States

Dive in deep into the science of Flow and learn to access the states of
Human Peak Performance

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Do you want to be Superman? In this episode, award-winning author Steven Kotler joins Vishen to share the catalytic event that made him dive deep into the science of flow. Listen in and learn how you too can access the Flow States of human peak performance. Steven and Vishen will cover:

  • How Steven survived an auto-immune disease through Flow
  • What Flow looks like to the ordinary person
  • Recognizing the 7 different elements of Flow
  • The scientific explanations behind mystical experiences
  • How you can induce a Flow state
  • Methods of introducing Flow into your workplace
  • More about the Flow Genome Project and Steven’s research

To learn more about Steven’s work, we highly recommend the following books to get you started:

Visit his website, The Flow Genome Project to discover your Flow Superpower and more on reaching your Flow States.

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