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Mike Dooley On The Universe’s Greatest Illusion

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Happiness is the key goal but money is also an aim

Is happiness really all that matters in life? Discover how your thoughts become things in this week’s episode. Time to break the mindset that caring for material wealth is wrong in the pursuit of happiness. Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur, who’s founded a philosophical Adventurers Club on the Internet with members from over 185 countries. His inspirational books emphasizing spiritual accountability have been published in 25 languages and he was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, The Secret.

Here are the highlights from the discussion:
  • The metaphorical GPS we work with to build our thoughts and goals
  • The sides of the brain to help us define our end results on:
    • Emotions
    • Thoughts
    • Things
  • How your goals might be stopping you from achieving true happiness
  • The Mike Dooley Matrix of True Happiness: A framework to help you navigate where you are to where your Higher Self wants to be
  • The line from Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich that gets Mike jumping with excitement
  • Understanding the connection between spirituality and abundance: How money is connected to happiness
For more information on how you can remove the universe’s greatest illusion from your belief system, do this:
As Mike said in the episode,
“Happiness is all that matters because material things don’t.” That was wrong, man. We are material things. We matter in that sense as much as we matter in the spiritual sense.

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