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Jim Kwik On Learning How To Learn

Mindvalley Podcast Jim Kwik on thinking for yourself and efficiently learning how to learn

If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower.


Are you thinking about learning efficiently? In this episode, we’re bringing a man who rose from being “The Boy With The Broken Brain” to a superhero with the mission of leaving no brain behind. Jim Kwik, is a world expert in optimal brain performance and have trained Hollywood actors to top entrepreneurs and organizations including Nike, Harvard University, GE, Virgin, and Singularity University. This episode is packed with quick learnings you can implement immediately in your life to gain the edge you need.


Jim and Vishen talked about:


  • Jim’s brain injury and how he turned his desperation into inspiration
  • The 3 villains of modern-day learning:
    • Digital Overload
    • Digital Distraction
    • Digital Dementia
  • Will Smith’s daily habits of exercising 2 important muscles
  • The power of remembering someone’s name
  • The M.O.M of memory
  • The FDR technique and the importance of kinaesthesia
  • The 5 obstacles to effective learning
    • Lack of education
    • Lack of focus
    • Sub-Vocalization
    • Regression
    • Beliefs
  • Deep diving into back-skipping and regression while reading
  • Ways of overcoming the obstacles to effective learning
  • How much money, time, and resources you can save just from speed-reading effectively
Resources discussed in the episode:
Here’s what you can do next:
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As Jim says,
“Don’t just take it from me.
Test it on yourself.
You are the expert.”
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