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The Mindvalley Podcast Presents Tom Chi On How Everything Is Connected


How small are we? This episode will transform how you think of yourself in relation to your family, friends, society and world. The stories Tom Chi tells here, shows how incredibly connected we are to everyone and everything.

Tom Chi is an inventor, thought-leader, coach, and speaker who was one of the founders of Google X and invented the first prototype of the Google Glass. Tom covers three interweaving stories that explains how interconnected we really are.

Once we learn to recognize that, we can consciously learn how to create a better world.
Here’s what Tom will cover:
  • How every single breath we take contributes to the countless lives after us
  • The storh of how the mind networks ans connects to enable the impossible to happen
  • The science behind our unfathomable immortality
  • The map of how our lives operate and contribute to the bigger picture
If you enjoyed the talk, here’s a follow up interview between Vishen and Tom.
For more information on Tom and his work, visit the sites below:

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