Why World-Changers Don’t Watch The News — Peter Diamandis

How does a thought leader view negative news?

In this interview, Peter Diamandis reveals something quite surprising to Vishen Lakhiani — why he turns off the news media.

To understand why this is huge, you should know that Peter was voted by Fortune Magazine 50 World’s Greatest Leaders, he’s the founder of XPRIZE foundation and co-founder of Human Longevity Inc & Planetary Resources.

As somebody who has such laser focus on changing the world for the better, one of his main beliefs is that we should all turn off the news media. To understand the logic behind this, watch the video.

Peter offers a different perspective:

  • (0:28) — Instead of watching and reading the news on TV and newspapers, he opts for selective news that are relevant to him, his business and interests directly;
  • (1:25) — He explains the evolutionary development that made humans focus 10 times more attention to negative news than positive news;
  • (2:50) — The negative news shown are disproportionate to reality. Because by almost every measure, the world is actually getting extraordinarily better;
  • (3:40) — He elaborates further on Steven Pinker’s enlightening statement of how we are living in the most peaceful time in human history.

This training covered a ton of interesting topics such as Peter’s plans for expanding the human lifespan, why the future is much brighter than we tend to think, and “Peter’s Laws” for being an outlier.

Vishen’s conversation with Peter Diamandis is cultivated from a method called brain exchange, which you can learn more about from this video.

How do you filter negative news from your dose of mass media and current affairs? Share your techniques with us in the comments below.

Cheyenne Diaz

Cheyenne Diaz

Cheyenne Diaz is a Mindvalley Writer, who always gets creative inspiration when she takes hikes through her favorite place in the world, Big Sur, California. As a multiethnic American, she grew up learning and loving other cultures. She’s a passionate supporter of appreciating the beauty of the world through travel, food and art.

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