Why You Shouldn’t Take Anything Personally

Reclaim Your Personal Power

When we feel like someone’s criticizing or attacking us, we naturally feel hurt or stressed. So how can we learn to not take anything personally — including real criticisms?

In this conversation with Vishen Lakhiani, Don Jose Ruiz shares why we take things personally — and how we can stop.

Jose is a spiritual teacher who’s coauthored the book, The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery. He explains that society teaches us to take things personally, based on the false and outdated premise that another person’s opinion of us puts us in danger.

But we can reclaim our power.

When we learn to filter out negativity and personal attacks, we remove unnecessary stress, anger and sadness from our lives. We become stronger individuals.

And we learn how to be happy and healthy, regardless of what someone else says.

Watch the video to discover:

  • (0:49) — How to become stronger and overcome the temptation to take things personally.
  • (1:47) — Practical advice that can help you rise above any instinctual defensiveness.
  • (2:49) — A lesson from Jose’s father that explains how to be at peace throughout your day.

Check out the video to hear Jose’s personal experiences and advice on consciously dealing with criticism.

What did you think about Don Jose Ruiz’ lessons?

And how do you make sure not to take anything personally?

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