3 Steps To Help You Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

One of the world’s top speaking coaches, Lisa Nichols, shares how to transform your anxiety and fear of public speaking into clarity and conviction.

About The Video

If your hands get clammy and butterflies start to flutter in your stomach right before you give a presentation, you’re not alone.

So overcoming your fear of public speaking is a challenge you don’t need to face by yourself.

The average person fears public speaking more than tornadoes, snakes, and even zombies.

But communication allows us to connect with people, share our vision, motivate change, and influence decisions.

Learning how to use your voice to communicate and inspire others is the most valuable skill in the modern world, whether you’re an entrepreneur, activist, engineer, writer, or parent.

So how can you turn your fear of public speaking into an opportunity to build your confidence?

In this video, one of the world’s most-requested speakers and top teachers from The Secret shares the 3 things you need to replace your anxiety and fear with.

“The more committed and the more aware and the more clear those 3 outcomes are for you,” Lisa explains, “the more the fear begins to dissipate into the nothingness it always was.”

What do you do to overcome your fear of public speaking?

Share your tips in the comments below.

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