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Habits How To Create The Best Organizational Environment

How To Create The Best Organizational Environment

When people talk about organizational environment, they speak of happiness at work. They talk about coming up with shared beliefs. Building a safe work environment where people are able to be themselves.   

What does this actually look like? How do we actually create a workplace which inspires creativity? Beyond that, how do we make people love work? Love their office? See their coworkers as family?      

We are heading in a direction where the most productive workplaces will have this sort of vibrancy. From personal experience, even in companies celebrated for their culture, employees lack full buy-in. However, achieving full buy-in is absolutely possible.     

The companies which are able to do this best in the coming years are the ones who will succeed most.

3 Keys To Building Brilliant Organizational Environment

workplace environment1. Make intuition, emotion, and energy your guides

When I started my 9-year career in organizational development, evidence-based strategies were extremely attractive to me. While evidence is useful to give us clues, the reality is that human emotion and motivation is complex to the degree are best analyzed emotionally rather than logically.     

Intuition is the felt sense which comes from bringing awareness to the gut, the heart, and every area of our bodies. When we tap into intuition, we are tapping into our entire subconscious mind.     

Over anything else, intuition is the guide to look towards for subjects like organizational environment. This is what will help you find what works specifically for your team.   

 The more we practice arts such as meditation and other styles of transformational work, the stronger our intuition on what to do will come.    

2. Align your employees’ emotions as well as their thoughts

When teams align energetically, they perform as one. This is the ultimate teamwork. The more we can get into this state, the more perfectly every area of an organization will run.   

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So often I see companies making the mistake of spending long hours creating values that aren’t looked at and that employees don’t bond over making. That’s because talking through emotional concepts logically does not work unless people are also feeling those emotions.   

Rather, it’s about embedding shared emotion into ourselves. It’s deep emotional experiences that truly bond people and that truly create this feeling of oneness that leads to incredible teams.    

Amazing ways to do this include: 

  1. Dropping into our emotions using meditation
  2. Having an open and vulnerable discussion
  3. Doing exercises which embody our values in a format where that emotion is consciously being cultivated

Biggest takeaway, it’s not about behavior, it’s about the emotions which come from the behavior. Getting the help of an experienced facilitator (or better yet going to an extended retreat with a facilitator) who knows how to drop people into these states is one of the best ways to make this happen effectively.   

3. Actively encourage and support full expression

organizing your work environment

The most effective consulting firms we have seen work in the center of business, transformational work, and expression.        

The key is in the combination of all three. Business is what drives change, transformational work is what makes business effective, and expression is what makes transformational work effective.       

The funny thing is that when we celebrate acts of expression such as dance and music in a way that is consciously building emotion and directed towards business, they become some of the most powerful tools available to us.   

Not only can expression drive revenue, it is what lets people have fun.     

By actively encouraging employees to organize events that bring their own magic, we create a truly vibrant culture and open up the space for incredible results to occur. Excellent ways to do this include the use of music, dance, art, and other activities which allow people to express fully.     

The quality of your organizational environment creates the quality of everything in your business.     

Quite literally, the people at your company make your company. Investing in a vibrant workplace is one of the best ways to foster connection to both ourselves and others.     

Take one specific action today to experience and create this sort of organizational environment for yourself and your team.

In what ways are you excited about implementing these strategies to your organizational environment? Share with us in a comment below!

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