How Do You Operate From A Place Of Love? Here Are The Questions To Ask Yourself

How Do You Operate From A Place Of Love? Here Are The Questions To Ask Yourself

Operating out of love and positivity is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

– Christie Marie Sheldon

Do you feel like many of your day to day decisions are made out of fear?

From Fear To Love

In the short video above, intuitive life coach and transformation expert, Christie Marie Sheldon, shares how to operate from a place of love instead.

A lot of our decisions come from “survival energy.” This energy developed out of our evolutionary need to stay safe. And yet, this energy is often what keeps us from experiencing next-level joy and synchronicities in our lives.

Watch the video to understand how these fear-based energies are imprinted in us and often run the show (unnoticed) behind the scenes.

You will learn what questions to ask yourself so you can reframe any situation in such a way that it becomes an opportunity to live a more abundant life.

The Funny Thing That Happens When You Operate From Love

Let’s pause for a moment. Think of someone you deeply admire. Someone who’s energy, life, and impact in their community inspires you. This person can be someone who’s still around — or someone who’s passed on. They can be someone you personally know — or someone you’ve only read about.

How does this person make you feel?

How does this person conduct themselves?

What was this person’s message to the world?

And how did this person you admire manage to accomplish so much?

The answer is simple, almost cheesy, but still 100% true. The people we admire, the people who have created real positive change in our community and in the world at large are not just focused on survival. They are focused on joy.  They dedicate their lives to providing value to others. And they operate from a place of, “What if?” They understand, genuinely, that we live in a world of abundance.

They are operating from love, not fear.

That’s why they are so powerful. Our abundance blocks start to fall away when we fully understand what we have available to us right now, right here.

About Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie is one of the world’s leading energy healers and experts on intuition coaching.  Over the past 15 years, she’s worked with over 30,000 personal consultations to help them eliminate their limiting beliefs and transform their life patterns. Some of her students include world and business leaders.

She helps people raise their energetic frequency so that they can leave the extraordinary life they’ve always dreamed of through her innate gifts.

As a child, Christie discovered her gift of intuition in early childhood — though she spent the rest of her teen years suppressing that skill. Years later, she reconnected with her gift and began to channel healing energy into clients experiencing a variety of ailments. Christie saw client after client come to her — and watched as their pains disappeared.

Who inspires you to operate from a place of love? And what strategies will you use to focus on the abundance in your life?

Written by
Christie Marie Sheldon