Omvana: Meditate, Relax, Sleep, Focus, And Nap Better With 1,000s Of Sounds

Omvana meditate, relax, sleep, focus

“The greatest innovation in meditation history in 3,000 years” hits iTunes Store

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22nd 2013 – Omvana: Meditate, Relax, Sleep, Focus & Nap Better with 1000s of Sounds. The recently launched app by Mindvalley, whose fast ascent landed it in the Top 20 iTunes Health and Fitness apps in just two weeks, is releasing the updated version 1.2.

“The greatest innovation in meditation history in 3,000 years” is the bar set by the creators of Omvana, Mindvalley, as they strive to spread modern meditation to millions worldwide by making the practice engaging, sophisticated, and customizable for the optimal individual experience.

Dubbed the “Spotify” of meditation, Omvana features thousands of relaxation and sleeping audios, cutting-edge binaural beats and personal growth tracks by the world’s leading health, wellness and inspirational figures. Some of the notable names featured include Lisa Nichols, Jon Gabriel, Bob Proctor, Laura Silva, Peter Diamandis, and Gabrielle Bernstein.

The app also features a unique mixing board, allowing users to combine vocal tracks from guided meditations or famous speeches with ambient sounds, music and more. These personalized combinations can be saved so users may create their own blissful experience in which they can relax, feel inspired, sleep better, or de-stress anytime – anywhere.

The updated version amps up the functionality with additions that allow for smoother navigation and provide the option to connect with Facebook and sync multiple devices on the Omvana cloud. With the new feature of the Omvana Store, even more amazing tracks are now available, with the Omvana creators promise to continue growing the store so that users will be able to listen to a new meditation every day for an entire year.

Omvana: Meditate, Relax, Sleep, Focus & Nap Better with 1000s of Sounds is free to download from the Apple iTunes Store.

Device Requirement:

iOS 5.0+
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
Compatible with iPod Touch 3, 4, 5
Compatible with iPad

If you like to listen to more meditation tracks from your phone, try our free Omvana app for iOS and Android.



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