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Moving Beyond The Most Popular Workout Programs

Human consciousness is on a collective rise, and one of quite a significant nature at that.

We are becoming more and more aware of who we truly are, and have thus begun to question the very makeup of this so called “reality.” Not only that, we’re challenging its limiting belief systems and falsely imposed mental barriers.

We’re returning to our humanity.

With this, we realize our physical essence, our temple, as something we’ve been taught to generally disregard as inconsequential.

Foolishly so, and thus we question, “How can I increase my physical capacity? What are the most popular workout programs to help me do this?”

If you are reading this here today, chances are quite high that you resonate rather positively with everything I’ve just stated. That you are indeed actively seeking answers to such similar questions.

Well my friend, rest assured that today, you have come to the right place.

Today, we are going to help you initiate this journey towards a maximization of your own physical capacity.

Which, as we will see, takes us far beyond our physicality, itself.

The Fitness Journey Begins

So, we want to be fit and ‘have a beautiful temple,’ do we? Perhaps to develop some kind of external signature, which showcases this new found respect we have for our body?

Of course, and in the vast social media world of today, this is exactly what fitness has become, something of a purely aesthetics demonstration.

Now, although the pursuit of some pristine physique is actually a rather fantastic place for us to be starting here, we must make absolutely sure that we do not stop at simply “looking good in a bikini.”

But more on that later.

Truth is, if you look good you feel good. I mean am I right, or am I right?

Everybody wants that rocking beach bod, and why not? You should look good, and feel good, so that you can go out and do good.

What Is The Most Popular Beach Body Workout?

What is the best workout program?

With that being said, we shall inherently find ourselves facing this most coveted question, what is the most popular beach body workout?

And, well, an answer to this question actually depends upon a wide assortment of variables. What is your current fitness level? How much time each day do you have to devote to such a cause?

Are you in pursuit of some lightning fast results, like right now? Or are you perhaps chasing something more sustainable?

Results, fast!

In pursuit of our most popular workout programs we will find that we naturally come across a wide assortment of quick and efficient turnarounds, designed to produce results fast!

It’s natural of today’s society, where 60 day plans such as PiYo can get you that rockin’ beach bod at less than 45 min a day.

Or how about something even faster? 21 Day Fix for example, which requires no more than half an hour of movement each day and claims you could even lose up to 15 pounds!

Perhaps something more sustainable?

Still, certainly some of the most popular workout programs are of a more sustainable nature?

And indeed, some of them are.

P90X for example. Where over the course of 90 days, at just 30 minutes a day, you will develop a knowledge base of physical fitness which you can carry forward with you for the rest of your life.

Or, an even better and more sustainable option still, why not get yourself a gym membership at one of your local fitness hubs?

Look for something with an accountability system, and a well developed community. Your local CrossFit box for example, or nearby yoga studio.

Somewhere that will help guide you towards a whole body awareness, such that once you do attain that rockin’ beach bod, you never lose it again.

What Are The Most Popular Exercises?

As a matter of fact, Yoga, CrossFit, Movement, and all other forms of whole body awareness programs are slowly becoming the most popular forms of exercise.


Again, because we are becoming consciously aware of our truest physical capacities.

Capacities which are attained by focusing on the totality of the bodies movement patterns, not just on losing body fat and gaining muscle mass.

Which exercise is best for muscle gain?

Sure, you can go to the gym and perform some of the best exercises for muscle gain day after day.

Things such as the Bench Press, Deadlift, and Overhead DB Shoulder Press will surely get you real jacked, real quick like.

But again, although giant, toned, and sexy muscles are great things to have, is this really the extent of our desires?

Let me now come back full circle to this point — we must make absolutely sure that we do not stop at simply “looking good in a bikini”.

Why Limit Yourself?

Which exercise is best for muscle gain?

Why limit ourselves like this?

Let me ask you this, why have we isolated the concept of ‘workout programs’ to something of a strictly physical essence?

We want to be strong, right?


Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will

— Gandhi

You see, even Gandhi understood that although having a rockin’ beach bod is surely something impressive, it means nothing if you haven’t also worked on your own emotional and spiritual well being.

If you haven’t fine tuned your ‘indomitable will’. Something Jon and Missy Butcher also demonstrate an understanding of quite well, in their newly integrated online Lifebook.

Lifebook is a platform where they highlight health and fitness, as but one piece of an overlying twelve step process towards building yourself a truly extraordinary life.

And honestly, isn’t this what we’re all after at the core of our fitness pursuits, anyways? A better life?

“Yeah sure, but, what exactly are you saying?” you might be wondering.

What Is The Best Workout Program?

What I’m saying is this – When looking for the best workout program we shouldn’t necessarily isolate the scope our focus to this concept of the most popular workout programs.

What’s popular, is not always best.

On top of that, you will find yourself building muscle, shedding body fat, and becoming more physically fit in every way, if your mind is also at ease with your heart and your soul is happy.

If we truly wish to become all that we can be, then let us instead begin a new journey. One where we in fact, completely redefine this concept of ‘workout programs’. One where we choose to focus on the totality of our beings, and not just the enhancement of our physical components.

We’ve become more aware, and we’ve realized our bodies are not be neglected any longer.

This is great.

But let us take this realization further, to the stars, and beyond. May we begin to see as Jon and Missy Butcher have already seen. Let’s acknowledge our fitness, physique, temple (if you will), as but one of many components in this ultimate journey of life.

Let us we create a new world, where the most popular workout programs do not only focus on an expansion of our physicality, but of our mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities as well.

May we join Jon and Missy Butcher in becoming all that we are truly capable of becoming.

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Can you think of a time in your life when you needed a fix? Perhaps you were sad, or angry, and you knew some physical fitness would help alleviate this discontent. It worked, didn’t it? But the problem also persisted once the workout was done, didn’t it? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

by Jon-Olaf Hendricks
Jon-Olaf is about as geographically transient as they come, constantly in pursuit of life’s next grand experience and paradigm shift. He operates along a path of maximizing his capacity in each of our four foundational pillars. The physical, the emotional, the intellectual, and the spiritual. Seeking balance across the four, and truly living each day as if it was his last. He’s surely never short on epic adventure and an abundance of smiles.

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