Esther Perel On Why We Fight With The People We Love The Most

by Cheyenne Diaz January 25, 2018

Do opposites attract or do we seek someone similar? Why do we fight about the same things that once attracted us to our partner?

Esther Perel, a bestselling author and relationship expert, answers these questions in this talk from Mindvalley’s A-fest.

About The Video

Marriage may be ancient but marrying for love is a relatively new phenomenon in human history — one that becomes increasingly complex with modern day demands.

No longer do we marry purely to secure societal alliances or economic stability, says one of the world’s leading voices on relationships, Esther Perel. Now, we expect our partner to fulfil the two contradicting needs we’re all born with: security and adventure, connection and autonomy, love and desire.

In this short clip from Mindvalley’s A-Fest, Esther Perel answers the question: What does intimacy in the new landscape of modern love look like?

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