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How To Make Simple Life Changes That Minimize Stress & Maximize Happiness

by Srikumar Rao March 16, 2018

People tend to think that hard work and effort is enough to create the desired change and success — but true change can’t be made until there’s a mental shift.

Otherwise, a lot more people would be able to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

About The Video

According to Srikumar Rao, one of the world’s leading experts on happiness and personal mastery, most of us are unaware of how our habitual thinking patterns can either end up condemning our lives to mediocrity and unhappiness — or help us create a life worth living.

In this hour-long talk at Google, Srikumar shares five steps to make meaningful life changes that minimize stress and maximize happiness.

Watch the video to hear:

  • (5:45) — How to recognize your mental chatter and mental models, so that you can consciously create a better life;
  • (18:17) — How living in a “me-centered universe” predestines you for a life of mediocrity, frustration, depression, and anxiety;
  • (28:15) — Why realizing that passion and happiness exists inside of you, and not your environment, your job or your successes will empower your life;
  • (35:33) — Why you need to stop “frantically doing” and start focusing inwards;
  • (39:40) — How to let go of the stories that aren’t serving you any longer, and rewrite them for your own success and happiness.

The sixth and final step on the road to happiness is to repeat, repeat, and repeat all of the above.

We stand at a crossroad of who we want to be and which life we want to lead dozens of times every day.

Make sure that your choices are supporting the life you want.

Did you identify your mental models after hearing Srikumar’s talk?

And which stories do you plan to let go of?

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