Mindvalley Launches Dormio (App) – Sleep Better With The World’s Top Sleep Experts In Your Bed

August 2013 – Following the global success of its revolutionary meditation mobile app, Omvana, Mindvalley launches Dormio, its much anticipated sister app – the sleep “sequel”, designed to lull users into deep rest and aid millions around the world who are suffering from sleep difficulties.   

Meaning “sleep” in Latin, Dormio (currently only available on iPhone) features a wide library of tracks and meditation audios by experts and award-winning sound engineers such as Laura Silva, Steve G Jones, Burt Goldman, Morry Zelcovich and Mark Romero, targeted at various sleeping problems such as insomnia, sleep apnea, stress and restlessness.


Mindvalley launches Dormio with a commercial that featured founder Vishen Lakhiani introducing the product as “the most boring app in human history” with the tagline “go get some sleep” – can also be used to relax, take a power nap, ease anxiousness, reduce stress and even assist with lucid dreaming.

Similar to Omvana, the tracks can be purchased and downloaded within Dormio itself, some of which are offered by Mindvalley and its authors for free. Say hello to your new favorite sleeping partner 🙂



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