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Habits How Mindvalley’s Bringing Transformational Education To Finnish Schools

How Mindvalley’s Bringing Transformational Education To Finnish Schools

Mindvalley is embarking on a 20-year challenge to upgrade human education globally and create a shift in human consciousness.

How? By rethinking how we’re educating the next generation from elementary schools to universities, to vocational schools, all the way to how we educate adults.

By 2030, we aim to have the most advanced solution on the planet for governments to completely overhaul their education system.

This also involves working with 100 countries and bringing Mindvalley’s educational model into schooling systems.

Starting with the country whose outstanding education system already sets the bar globally — Finland.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela

Beginning this year, 27+ schools around Finland will be integrating Mindvalley’s School Program into the everyday lives of their students.

This means that Finnish students will be the first to experience transformational education from some of the greatest teachers in the world —Jim Kwik, Lisa Nichols, and Neale Donald Walsch, to name a few — tailored to the unique needs of their age.

Vishen Lakhiani and members of the Mindvalley team meeting Finnish educators in Helsinki

Can you image how profoundly an education model like this would impact the lives of teens and thus, the future of our world?

Pretty paradigm-shifting.

This vision has been our driving force, and we’ve given it the very best to bring it to life. This article will give you an insight into how this revolutionary education model works.

Mindvalley’s School Program

Education in most parts of the world today teaches students what to learn and who to become. It teaches that success lives within the narrow confines of an expensive degree and a career as a lawyer or a medical doctor.Unfortunately, this education model isn’t best serving the happiness and success of our global citizens today.

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Which is why we designed Mindvalley’s education model in a way not to teach students what to learn, but teach them how to learn.

Instead of teaching them who to be, we honor and nurture their individual, authentic selves and customize their learning toward the vision of who they want to become and the impact they want to make on the world.

We teach students to make life choices that sing to who they are as a person, and then give them the skills they need to blossom into the very best versions of themselves.

We turn students into thriving, well-rounded world-changers.

Above, you can see children at Mindvalley University learning from Gelong Thubten, the monk who trained the crew of hit movie Dr. Strange on mindfulness, Marisa Peer, UK’s #1 Therapist and Rhea Lalla, parenting expert.

Individual Assessment

Not everyone’s needs are the same. One person may struggle with building healthy relationships, while another person may struggle with building a healthy nutrition plan.

In fact, even on a global scale, different countries have unique needs. Some nations struggle with depression, others struggle with obesity.

There is no “one size fits all.” This is when the Life Assessment comes in.

The Life Assessment allows each student to self-assess all areas of their life. This assessment takes roughly 20 minutes to complete and gives the student an overview of their unique strengths and areas to improve.

The areas that are measured for students below the age of 19 are:

  • Social Life
  • Quality of Life
  • Life Vision
  • Health and Fitness
  • Intellectual Life
  • Emotional Life
  • Character
  • Spiritual Life

At the end of the assessment, each student will be given a Life Quotient Score, which will be their personal roadmap to track their progress in each area on their journey of growth.

Image shot at Mindvalley University

This will give them clarity on which areas to focus on and which courses or modules they should take as a priority. It creates a personalized curriculum to match each child’s unique needs.

A Dynamic Curriculum For Humanity 2.0

I’ve been making a list of the things they don’t teach you at school.

They don’t teach you how to love somebody.

They don’t teach you how to be famous.

They don’t teach you how to be rich or how to be poor.

They don’t teach you how to walk away from someone you don’t love any longer.

They don’t teach you how to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind.

They don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying.

They don’t teach you anything worth knowing.

― Neil Gaiman

Our learning experts look at learning from a lens of ever-changing humanity, culture, the need for diversity and dynamic realities of different nations and organisations. 

While calculus is a neat mental exercise, very few people will actually grow up to benefit from crunching these equations. So, why do we spend so much of our developing years learning these skills?

We believe that schools should be teaching students how to excel in life: how to craft a vision for the future, how to learn faster, how to have a healthy self-esteem, how to set goals, how to communicate and connect with others…

We’re designing a dynamic curriculum that teaches students how to thrive in the world today.  

Finnish students will soon be learning from the best of the world: bestselling authors, top speakers, and entrepreneurs.

They will learn how to optimize their health with Eric Edmeades on WildFit, how to be an extraordinary leader with Robin Sharma, how to speak to inspire with Lisa Nichols, how to develop a Superbrain with Jim Kwik, and so on.

Our curriculum is constantly evolving, in real-time, to keep up with current needs — both global and personal. It is geared toward personal transformation, including:

  • Happiness
  • Critical thinking
  • Authentic expression
  • Self-esteem
  • Biohacking
  • Speed learning
  • Compassion
  • Mindfulness
  • Memory enhancement
  • Emotional acuity
  • Nutrition
  • Social development

The World’s Top Learning Platform

We have designed a learning platform that produces rapid results and marries behavioral learning with the latest technology. It’s called Mindvalley Quest.

Students of the Superbrain Quest are actually excited about learning instead of seeing studying as an obligation.

Aside from the captivating content, here are a few other ways Quests bring learning to life in such a paradigm-shifting way.

Image shot at Mindvalley University

Learning Powered By Community

Quest programs are based on a community. A group of students all begin their Quest on the same day and deepen their knowledge by interacting with each other about the lessons.

This enables the students to share the learning experience, support and learn from each other, and, most importantly, complete the program together.

Teachers become tribe facilitators supporting their group, but the lessons come from the leading experts on the topic. This way, we can scale curriculum from the best educators to all classrooms in the world.


As opposed to cramming hours of information in at a time, Quest programs leverage micro-learning.

Quest’s life-changing lessons have been engineered into bite-size pieces of 10-20 minutes per day. This approach allows enough time for the learner to understand the main principles of the topic, complete tasks related to the lessons, and begin implementing new habits into their lifestyle.

Image shot at Mindvalley University

Daily tasks

Quest programs give learners daily tasks that are designed to deepen the understanding of each lesson and inspire lasting change. This enables habit formation so that the lessons won’t be forgotten after the course is complete — but continues being a part of their everyday life.


Every day, each student gets rewarded and encouraged by celebrating their personal growth and daily completion. This daily acknowledgement helps students keep up their momentum and creates behavioral change in the long term.

The Education Model Of The Future

Image shot at Mindvalley University

The days of mass education is over. Mindvalley’s School Programs will introduce tranformational education into schools and become accessible to everyone, at all ages.

While the first country to implement this program will be Finland, we believe that this education model will completely upgrade and revolutionize the schooling system across the globe.

This is the first step toward our 20-year vision of upgrading consciousness for humanity. And we see this radically different education model — with a dynamic curriculum, world-class teachers, and leading learning technology — soon becoming the “norm” globally.

So we’d like to leave you with this question:

In the world of 2030… What do we teach our kids? Comment with your thoughts below.

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