Mindvalley Donates $100,000 To XPRIZE Foundation

by Mindvalley January 9, 2014
Following Vishen's entry into the X PRIZE Innovation Board, the success of both Awesomeness Fest events in 2013 and worldwide support by its customers, Mindvalley has raised $100,000 to donate to the X PRIZE Foundation.

Mindvalley is psyched to announce that our CEO and Founder, Vishen Lakhiani, is now a proud member of the Innovation Board of XPRIZE Foundation.

Vishen Lakhiani Joins The Innovation Board Of XPRIZE Foundation

XPRIZE Foundation

XPRIZE is a non-profit organization that hosts competitions to encourage technological development benefitting mankind.

Peter Diamandis founded The XPRIZE Foundation to endorse radical breakthroughs that benefit humanity. The prize creates incentivized and high-profile public competitions that challenge individuals, companies, and organizations across all industries to develop innovative ideas and technologies that provide solutions to problems that restrict humanity from progressing.

Competitions include:

  • The Ansari XPRIZE, to create a private spaceflight vehicle;
  • The Archon Genomics X PRIZE, which challenges teams to sequence 100 human genomes within 30 days or less;
  • The Google Lunar X PRIZE, to put a robot on the moon;
  • And the Tricorder X PRIZE, to create a portable medical diagnostic device.

Vishen’s first exploration with the XPRIZE Foundation began last February (2013) at the Adventure + Innovation Experience in February.

The event featured honorable guests and speakers such as:

  • SpaceX and Tesla Motors founder, Elon Musk;
  • Founder of Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington;
  • Astronaut and co-founder of Prodea Systems, Anousheh Ansari;
  • International speaker and learning expert Jim Kwik;
  • Biologist Craig Venter;
  • And Founder of Piranha Marketing Inc., Joe Polish.

Afterward, Vishen became 1 out of 120 of the world’s visionary thinkers at the highly-anticipated 2013 Visioneering event. They gathered for three days to discuss the world’s grand challenges and how we could solve them using incentive competitions.

This included NASA Deputy Administrator, Lori Garver; CEO of Idealab, Bill Gross; CEO of Singularity University, Robert Nail and 16-year-old inventor Jack Andraka.

Check out his personal photos from the Adventure + Innovation Experience below 🙂

Early in 2013, Vishen joined the Innovation Board for the XPRIZE Foundation. Shortly thereafter, Mindvalley was able to donate $100,000 to the XPRIZE Foundation.

Why Mindvalley Donated $100,000 to the XPRIZE Foundation

XPRIZE Foundation

The Adventure + Innovation Experience in February inspired Vishen to do more.

What Is The XPRIZE Foundation?

The XPRIZE Foundation, founded by Peter Diamandis, endorses radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.

Through incentivized high-profile public competitions, individuals, companies, and organizations across all industries are challenged to develop innovative ideas and technologies that provide solutions to problems that restrict humanity from progressing.

XPRIZE competitions include:

  • The Ansari XPRIZE, to create a private spaceflight vehicle.
  • The Archon Genomics XPRIZE, which challenges teams to sequence 100 human genomes within 30 days or less.
  • The Google Lunar XPRIZE, to put a robot on the moon.
  • The Tricorder XPRIZE, to create a portable medical diagnostic device.

The challenges put on by this foundation inspires innovation to radically solve many of humanity’s biggest issues. For example, XPRIZE raised $2 million USD after the BP oil spill. They launch a competition to inspire the world’s best minds to find a better way to clean up our oceans with this money.

The result? The winning team developed a clean-up method 6 times more efficient than the oil companies. Today, ocean oil spills are cleaned up much faster as a result of this team’s remarkable work.

How Mindvalley And XPRIZE Are Pushing Humanity Forward

Incentivized prizes help spur innovation to push humanity forward.

For example, a $2 million prize bounty can generate 10 times that amount in funds towards solving grand challenges.

But oil spills aside, X Prize was also responsible for kick-starting the private space race when aviator Burt Rutan won the Ansari X Prize for his space plane design.

Inspired by the direct impact it could have on humanity and the planet, Vishen decided to turn XPRIZE into Mindvalley’s supported cause for 2013.

We utilized our signature not-for-profit event, A-Fest, to raise the funds for this mission with the support of ticket sales.

For the past four years, A-Fest has donated all of its proceeds to NGOs and non-profit causes. Both events in 2013 collected the highest amount in its short history. And this is what allowed Mindvalley to donate $100,000 to XPRIZE Foundation.

Having the opportunity to give back to good, positive, impactful causes is what inspires us to do our best, day in and day out.

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