Mindvalley Customer Support Scores 9.5/10 In Customer Satisfaction

Because we only publish, produce and endorse products that improve lives (beyond the user alone) and encourage people to be the best possible version of themselves, we prioritize our customers above our own profits, and value the impact that these transformational goods have on their lives.

This is why Mindvalley is aiming to be the gold standard for customer support in the education industry. We invest in customer support like crazy, and only hire the warmest and the most positive, genuine and dedicated people to represent our company. This is reflected in our models is to make our support staff feel really happy and loved at work – so that they pass this same enthusiasm and love to customers.

We’re psyched to say that Mindvalley customer support scores a 95% customer satisfaction in ratings according to Nicereply, and rank among the Top 2% of companies worldwide that use the service.

This video, which features our beloved  Hannah, Sheena, Sasha and Kristi, gives a glimpse of the people on our support team that make it happen and what their work environment looks like.



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