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Behind The Scenes Of A Very Mindvalley Christmas

Does Christmas make us happier? What should we do if we have bad memories of the holidays? And what does a Mindvalley Christmas look like? These are the questions we answer in this blog.

How Do We Bring More Holiday Cheer In Our Life?

Why does Christmas make so many people so incredibly happy?

Perhaps it’s because we tend to be happier during the holidays, and Christmas is the holiday of all holidays in many countries, including the United States. Maybe it’s become it’s an important religious or family tradition.

Or is it because we bring out the Christmas decor that’s usually tucked away in some closet, put up stockings with the faces of cheery creatures on them, and climb up ladders to hang lights (perhaps one of the more stressful parts of decorating for Christmas). And of course, there are all the presents…

But perhaps there’s also more going on… Perhaps it’s because most people are usually more cheery when celebrating a holiday with family and friends, and that joy lends itself to more kindness and openness to the people around us.

And there’s a lot of science to support this. Apparently, decorating for Christmas really can put you in a good mood, by way of your helpful, friendly hormone dopamine. Why does this happen? Scientists believe that some of it is because of the bright lights and colors. Chromotherapy, or color therapy that is used to boost energy levels and increase happiness, is based on the idea that vivid colors can reinvigorate us.

But there’s also the fact that Christmas can be a very nostalgic time. If you have happy memories of the winter holiday time made during your childhood, then you’re much more likely to enjoy Christmas. Of course, the flip side is that the holidays can dredge up some negative memories as well.

So what’s some advice you can take to feel more joy during the holidays?

Well, we’d first suggest watching this cute little video our team made to send love your way.

But psychologists who are familiar with how the mind works suggest creating new traditions of your own so that you’re able to replace the old, bad memories with newer, more relevant, good memories. Building new traditions can be incredibly fun, and it’s a really great way to bring more ongoing joy in your life.

And actually, this is something all of us could do more often. Those of us who love the holidays are often a bit kinder during Christmas. Perhaps then we can keep this joy, this openness, this playfulness, and goodwill throughout the year.

A Very Merry Mindvalley Christmas

Below is our Christmas letter to all of you:

‘Twas the night before Christmas.

And all through the office, we elves at Mindvalley were very busy.

We put up decorations, got into some shenanigans with glee.

And put up some lights on the Christmas tree.

So come join all of us and have a look at the behind the scenes of a very Mindvalley Christmas.

Happy holidays to you. Thank you all for being a great tribe.

— Mindvalley

What does a happy holiday season look like to you?

Share in the comments below.

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