The Life-Changing Mindset That Made This Man A Millionaire

The Millionaire And His Mindset

How did T. Harv Eker become the millionaire he is today? Who was the man before the accumulated riches?

Many know of him from reading one of his best-selling books or watching one of his punchy straight-talk videos on financial literacy. Here’s a more in-depth story behind the author of The Spiritual Laws of Money.

In this 10-minute video, Harv bares all in a message directed to all of us — especially those who understand the hardship and struggles of attaining financial freedom.

Watch this video to learn the secret to a millionaire mindset.

  • (0:30) — Harv’s personal story, from penniless immigrant to college drop-out to self-made millionaire;
  • (2:30) — The life-changing advice that one wealthy man gave to Harv, and the spiritual reason why he teaches this advice to his students today;
  • (5:10) — Why you can be spiritual and wealthy;
  • (7:08) — The common mistaken belief about success that our parents pass down to us.

Here is one of Harv’s food for your thoughts from the video:

We tend to think that, it’s one or the other…
The big secret is, how do you put this all together?

– T. Harv Eker

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T.Harv Eker

T.Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker, the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind (with over a million copies sold), and creator of the globally successful ‘Millionaire Mind Intensive’ seminars, is one of the greatest millionaire-makers the world has ever seen. Over 1.5 MILLION people have attended Harv’s seminars globally, sometimes at 5,000 per room. Using the exact principles he teaches, Harv himself went from zero to millionaire in only 2.5 years. Prior to that, during his 12 years of struggle, he vowed that should he ever get rich, he would help others do the same. He kept his promise — and has already helped over 1.5 million people move closer to their goal of financial freedom. If there's one person who can drastically cut down the time it'd take you to attract wealth and freedom, that’s Harv Eker.

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