Secrets of a Meditation Room

Mindvalley meditation room

“Sun is shining, weather is sweet yeah” – gotta love that Bob Marley track!

Mmm there’s nothing better than throwing back your curtains in the morning and feeling that sweet sweet sunshine beaming in through the open windows…. Kinda makes us go all smiley and zen-like inside :).

Well, we have a little secret that keeps us feeling like that ALL through the day. No, it doesn’t involve sex, drugs, or alcohol – get your mind out of the gutter!

Without further adieu, let us introduce our secret way to staying in a state of bliss, no matter what the day throws at us….

Our Mindvalley Meditation Room
meditation room
Stress isn’t a word that enters our vocabularies here (well, assuming you ask the question at 6pm on a Friday when we have a glass of red wine in hand). Because who can stay stressed when you have a peaceful meditation room at the tips of your toes?

Imagine sinking into the soft cushions as you focus your gaze on the flickering shadows cast by warm candlelight. Listening to soothing meditation music playing quietly in the background as you let all your worries wash away in the river of your favorite mediation techniques, like The Silva Method.

Mmmm… we’re getting blissed out just writing about it.

So if you’ve been wondering what keeps us so chirpy 24/7, don’t be sneaking around looking for our KoolAid. It’s allll natural, baby. It comes in the form of a chilled out space where we can relax, refresh, rejuvenate…. and meditate.



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