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Why You Should Marry Yourself — For All The Right And Wrong Reasons

by Dorota Stanczyk October 4, 2018

In this talk, Dorota Stanczyk, former Creative Director of Mindvalley shares her breakthrough from a self-imposed image to accepting her true self.

About The Video

Through her own journey, Dorota shares her experience of living through a self-imposed image and the self-punishment that came with it.

This is an invitation to truly look at yourself and be okay with not knowing all the answers in your life.  To embrace the present moment. Feel the difficult emotions and decide how you are showing up in life.

To drop your mask and truly “marry” yourself completely with total acceptance and love, which is exactly what Dorota did. Watch her talk above to hear her story.

The Power of ‘I’m Enough’

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, you know how crippling it can be.

The missed opportunities, the indecision, the quiet torment - it stops us from living our best lives.

But self-doubt is really just a subconscious belief caused by childhood trauma. If we change our beliefs, we can shed self-doubt and develop self-confidence instead.

Legendary transformational hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, shares three powerful words that can challenge and erase self-doubt,

I Am Enough.

These powerful words have completely changed the lives of many people from the Mindvalley tribe. Her words helped them develop the confidence and courage to go after what they truly want from life.

And it can do the same for you too.

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