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This Is How You Enhance Your Love Life With Meditation

by Mindvalley December 28, 2017

We don’t usually think that meditation and sex are connected — but meditation can actually transform your love life.

Until recently, people thought of meditation as a solely spiritual practice. Now millions practice meditation but we’re still in the process of discovering the full benefits.

So when the founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher, started talking about how meditation can lead to better sex, her students were surprised. Then their romantic relationships deepened and their sexual pleasure skyrocketed.

And Emily and her students are not alone in finding out that meditation can do wonders for your sex life. While the research is still emerging, there are several studies that show that people who meditate report experiencing higher levels of desire and sexual function.

Why is this true? Well, it turns out romance involves so much more than just the physical act.

The Connection Between Meditation And Sex

The brain powers your love life — from your partner choice to your sexual pleasure. And meditation helps you harness that power: one study shows that after the women took three meditation sessions, their desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction increased significantly.

The participants even rated meditation as more helpful than the advice given to them by a gynecologist or sex therapist.

But how does meditation specifically affect romantic relationships and sexual pleasure?

1. Slays Sex Drive Killers

There are certain mental states and illnesses that are notorious for killing your sex drive. Stress is one of the major culprits.

When we’re stressed, we enter a physiological state that actually shuts down many of our body’s natural processes (like our reproductive system), hoarding our energy and resources to address the immediate threat. Your body doesn’t know the difference between you fleeing a tiger or simply going through a hard time at work. That’s what turns your sex drive into a casualty of stress.

As Emily says,

Meditation moves you out of fight and flight and into stay and play.

Chronic stress also increases the likelihood of anxiety and depression, which both put a damper on your love life.

2. Increases Mirror Neuron Functioning

Wait, what are mirror neurons and what do they have to do with sex?

Mirror neurons are why porn is a multi-billion dollar industry. Mirror neurons are a circuit of neurons that fire both when we perform a behavior and when we see someone else performing the behavior. These neurons are the cause of our empathy, and they enable you to experience pleasure from watching someone else’s pleasure.

When we increase mirror neuron functioning, we become more generous and actually start intuiting what our partners want. And get this: research shows that meditation actually helps us do exactly that. 

3. Makes You More Present And Less Distracted

Have you ever been in the middle of making love when you thought of those groceries you need to buy or those bills you need to pay?

These kinds of intrusive thoughts are unwelcome but not unheard of. In fact, we’ve all probably experienced them at one level or another. On the other hand, research shows that not only are we happier when we live in the moment but we also experience higher levels of sexual functioning and fulfillment. 

We stay with our partner instead of ruminating on the past or planning for the future. We stop judging ourselves, which allows us to let go and enjoy. After all, that’s the sweet spot for joy.

4. Boosts Your Energy

Sex is all about energy. And when you don’t have a whole lot of energy, it’s difficult to feel desire or passion. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation found that one out of every four married or cohabitating Americans believe they are too exhausted to have sex as much as they would like.

But here’s the good news: meditation actually gives 2-3x deeper rest than even sleep. When you meditate every day, you are de-exciting the nervous system. This is part of the reason why you might feel extremely relaxed after meditation. By taking a short amount of time for the activity, you’re giving your nervous system time to restore itself. It’s a break from the constant sensory input we constantly receive from the world that excites our nervous system.

All of these benefits work together to increase your pleasure and remove obstacles to intimacy.

What reason would make you most likely to meditate on a regular basis?

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