If You Could Say One Thing to the World… What Would It Be? [PHOTOGRAPHY]

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Highlights: Love Is the True Black is a photographic movement with the mission of uniting the Human Race. We couldn't help but set up our own photobooth at Mindvalley and invite employees to take part in the movement. Here's the result.

Love Is the True Black is a photographic movement with the mission of uniting the Human Race.

The question they ask is: what would you say to the world if you knew everybody could hear and understand you? (and then write it on your body).

The full gallery is full of everything from powerful messages to silliness and love.

We couldn’t help but set up a photobooth at Mindvalley and invite employees to take part. Here’s the result:

(photographer: All Is Amazing)

If you are sensitive to hairy man-chests, look away now…


I chose this message because I believe this isn’t something we are always aware of. We often forget about the potential of our words in making other people feel appreciated and love, and that is why I think this is a relevant message.

— Diana

When you are at peace with yourself and the people around you. When you don’t need a thought to evoke an emotion and an emotion to define how you feel. Just being brings about Harmony. It means so many different (beautiful) things to me. Just being is also associated with just being ‘YOU’ and letting people just being exactly who they are.

— Aarzoo

It’s a reminder to enjoy life and realize there is a lot to be grateful for. It’s a way to find reason that make all that (the sentence) possible and also to realize that happiness can be attained even in small things. But most of all to remind ourselves to stay true to who we are and realize our worth. We are phenomenal and divine beings and should live our life accordingly.

— Alexandra

If you stop trying to make sense of life and embrace the bizarre, ridiculous-ness of it all, you find joy. I see people of all ages trying to “understand” life and inevitably end up confused. It’s like music — inherently beautiful and pointless. Just chill and enjoy it 🙂

— Alexey

We are responsible for our happiness or for our fault of being unhappy. It’s a choice every moment – starting from thought. The universe is supporting any our actions. We are here to create the best of ourselves and give our best to this world.

— Alsu
Asha Gill

Taken from the movie Matrix – it resonated with me, that in life, every situation, person, or experience cannot be changed to suit your will desire or want, the only thing that can be changed is you. So when faced with challenges, remember – its all about you, keep adapting and evolving, because you only ever have control over yourself

— Asha Gill
love is the true black vishen

Religion is a double edged sword that can enhance or limit our human potential. My statement is to encourage people to embrace the positive aspects of their religion – ideas that cause us to feel unified to the human species and to love all mankind with no judgement. But to also reject the dogma, or ‘unquestionable’ rules that divide us, disempower us and cause us to judge others based on rules that no longer work in a today’s world. Embrace the Love. Question the Dogma.

– Vishen

As a curious soul, I’ve always been told that I ask too many questions, that the answer was not important, or I didn’t need to know something. Often we are told to just accept things as they are, instead of asking questions and seeking out knowledge on our own. Ignorance may be bliss, but one cannot live a fulfilling life with blinders on, and the more questions I ask, the more beautiful the world around me becomes.

— Brett
love is the true black david

So… the boss is an asshole to you, your partner dumped you and global warming is destroying the planet. What do people normally ask themselves? “How could he do that to me?” “Why doesn’t he love me?” or “When is the President gonna solve this?” Wrong. Those questions imply that everything that happens to you is somebody else’s fault or that there’s nothing you could do. Disempowering questions lead to dis empowering answers. So, whenever I find myself in asking the wrong questions I correct and ask myself “What will I do about it?”. It’s the most empowering feeling I can get.

— David

The tiniest warm action can actually help lighten the burden if you remember to pause and re-focus yourself.

— Gladys

What do you value in life? What is it that you accumulate? How do you know if you life is on track? is it your bank account balance, or the number of cars, or the value of your houses. I chose to measure my life counting the friends I make, how much I can laugh, how many times I end up out breath by nature, by how truly and freely I can love. We are always measuring our life, make sure you use the right metric.

– Hannah

For me, when I take my beloved toy to my hands then something lits up inside me. At that moment I’m 3 years old and I just flow with the feeling of play. In those moments I just let go of everything, I enjoy the crazy-cute-playful energy inside me that reminds me – life is easy, life is fun. I just forget all about the ‘grownup’ world. In other words I just tap into the energy of joy and I allow myself to let go. I just love to give soles to the fluffy cute toys and I love the feeling they revoke inside me, and I would love to share the message to the world. People should let go of the world more often and just tap into the playful energy that lives inside them. It feels damn good!

— Heily

If you live the philosophy behind these four words you have created a blissful life for yourself and others, one with Source. In all my search for truth these four concepts stand out as the ‘Key To Life.’

— Jackie

Being True to your Calling, yourself, With Truth will Set you Free. Giving is Loving. Always give. Give Value, Give Attention, Give Time, Give Energy.

— Jason

If you always assume that people act with their best intentions you will never lock yourself in the negative thinking and understanding of others. You actually set yourself free from conflicts, hurt pride. Assume best intentions, assume love.

— Joanna

It’s easy to be jaded by society’s “truth,” that happiness only comes from struggle, and that you should be what others expect you to be. Recently, however, I’ve been able to smash that dogma – accepting your own “truth,” living with what YOU love, doing what YOU love, and embracing who YOU really are is how we reach true happiness and self-love.

— Karina

On a subatomic level of everything, including the human body, there is no matter; everything is just energy and vibrations. All matter is simply condensed energy. And energy never dies; it merely transforms and changes form. Hence, we are immortal. That’s why no human should ever fear death or anything else. There is a bigger master plan for everything and it is based on love, light and creation… Not fear, darkness and destruction. Once you realize and embrace this, all illusionary fears vanish and you become powerful beyond measure — you start loving, creating, living and experiencing all the beauties of fun, extraordinary and adventures life, which is the main and only reason why you were born and put into your body in the first place 🙂 (Hint: the meaning of life).

— Klemen

I would like to see “HAPPINESS” demystified. There are so many expectations and grand ideas about happiness, so many conditions and rules about happiness… it becomes nearly impossible to achieve, an El Dorado – a mystical, non-existent land we all want to reach. But really – Happiness is quite simple – it is right here right now. It is just a HABIT and you don’t need to go anywhere or do anything to have it. Just train that happiness-muscle and feel it.

— Kristina

When you allow yourself to drop the armour protecting your heart beautiful things start to happen. Just let the light shine in, start today, start now.

— Leonid

I’m always having that conscience whenever I do something. I used to think that I don’t mean anything to the world. But little did I know, my talent has brought me so much opportunities I can never imagine. Nowadays I always believe that I can go further than what I am. Embrace your talents.

— Maggie

With every inhale we take comes a silent acceptance of life, creation, love. With every exhale we realise that there is nothing we can hold, control or own. That’s a cycle of life. Accept and let go with gratitude.

— Mariana

You should be your true self no matter what other people think and when you compare yourself to others you devalue your uniqueness.

— Marija

Simple things are easily forgotten, like a smile or a morning greeting. This is my daily reminder on how I should treat others and to never take things for granted. Kindness is a two-way street; how you treat people is how you’ll be treated in return, and it starts from nowhere else but yourself.

— Oflavia

Things you do can reach and impact other people’s lives. Most of the time you don’t see it happening, but if whatever you do you go all-in, you raise the possibility for this impact to be positive and meaningful.

— Ronan

You can be a truly confident and kickass human. How? Stop giving a fuck about what doesn’t matter to you. Instead, begin putting your 100% effort into ONE thing: giving crazy amounts of love.

— Sam

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is a sanskrit phrase which means ‘the world is one family.’ This philosophy is based in the spiritual understanding that all of humanity is made up of a single life force. Ultimately, there is no difference between You and I. We are all one. How can a drop of the ocean be different from the ocean itself?

— Shreya

To me, kindness is the ultimate state of humanity. It’s something that breaks down barriers, overcomes differences and unites us all. I believe there’s a power in kindness, one that I can’t put my finger on but which always guides me to where I need to be. While no one is perfect, when we live with the mindset that others are simply trying to do their best and make their way through life, the world gets a little brighter — one smile at a time.

— Steph

I’m learning not to fixate on what other people think or measure myself against their rules when it comes to how I should love and give to someone or something. You can never come from a place of truth that way, or be able to be yourself – let alone accept yourself. If I’m going to love, I want to do it truthfully, and only I get to validate it.

— Tania
Live what you love quote

How I want to keep living my life.

— Tushar

This is not right, and that is not wrong. Love who you want to, how you want to. No rules. Just love. Freely.

— Veena
love is the true black vika

Love is the source of inner wellbeing and happiness, the power to defeat own doubts and make the right decisions. Self-love and love to others are the key elements to harmony in the world and achievement of the personal goals. Energy of love and gratitude is the strongest one. It brings magic to the world and wins the hearts.

— Vika

Society has taught us from young that we need to become somebody. We have forgotten that we are already somebody. We have forgotten that our Soul’s origin has stemmed from a divine source which is pure love, peace, bliss and light. We are already perfect. We just need to learn how to reconnect with our inner essence of our soul and let our divine spirit shine through our physical’s body, speech and actions. Our body is the temple for the divine soul. We are already perfect, we are already divine, we just need to wake up from oblivious ignorance.

— Zetta
your body is a temple zilin

Honor it. Respect it. Love it.

— Zilin

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Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.
Written by

Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.

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