What Centenarians Can Tell Us About The Secret To Living Beyond 100

In this talk, Jason Prall, Longevity and Optimal Health Practitioner talks about the lifestyle of centenarians. And these lifestyle practices hold the key to improving our wellbeing and living beyond 100.

Why Blue Zones Hold The Secrets To Longevity

Why are current life expectancy rates declining while experts project we’ll live longer?

The answer to that question lies way beneath the surface — and it rests in the hands of people over 100 years old.

Jason Prall shares the answers he found when researching where people live long lives — and how they managed to do it. Jason is the co-founder of The Human Longevity Project and a passionate advocate of healthy living.

In the video above, he shares how if we want to extend our lifespan in the future, we need to change the way we live in the present. And we have to go beyond what we think it will take to become healthy.

Because having a high quality of life isn’t just the result of the right diet and exercise.

It relates to our level of day-to-day stimulation, how much meaning we find in the things we do, and even our connection to others.

He explains how you can enhance all of these elements of your lifestyle. That way, you can thrive for the rest of your life.

About The Human Longevity Project

You might’ve heard of blue zones before. They’re the places that National Geographic covers so much, you can find pages of articles about them.


Because these particular locations grow the healthiest and longest-living populations on earth. People regularly live to a ripe, old age — and continue to thrive.

The Human Longevity Project is a 9-part documentary film series filmed over 2 years, in over 50 locations, in 9 countries, on 3 continents.  It’s a research project-turned-documentary on the communities and lifestyles that produce the healthiest people — and how they compare to industrialized societies.

Hint: the collective belief systems, lifestyle practices, and social structures in blue zones are very different from what we experience in most other places.

About Jason Prall

Who better to talk about human longevity than the co-founder of The Human Longevity Project? Not only has Jason Prall done extensive research in these blue zones, he helps people around the world transform their lives by applying these practices.

Why did he decide to spend years of his life researching this subject?

He came from a culture of chronic pain that managed people’s illnesses instead of empowering them to thrive. In the US, more than 70% of adults have been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Child obesity has become an epidemic.

And chronic stress and feelings of isolation have become the norm.

In order to combat that, he looked to societies where the paradigm is flipped. He looked to places where it’s the norm that people live long and live well.

Turns out they have secrets we can use, too.

Biohack Your Biological Age

Do you know how old you really are?

We all know our chronological age based on the years we’ve spent on this planet… But turns out, our longevity has more to do with our biological age.

Ben Greenfield is chronologically 38 years old. But biologically? He has the body and health of a 20-year-old.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Ben was able to reduce his biological age based on biohacking techniques he’s honed and perfected over the years.

So, the real question is: what’s your biological age? And more importantly: is it possible to change that number?

We do have the power to actually make ourselves younger. Ben suggests we can hack our biological age to become younger, healthier, and happier people.

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What’s the first action step you will take after watching this talk to improve your wellbeing?

Share it with us in the comments below and inspire others!

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