What Centenarians Can Tell Us About The Secret To Living Beyond 100

In this talk, Jason Prall, Longevity and Optimal Health Practitioner talks about the lifestyle of centenarians and how we can improve our wellbeing to live beyond 100.

About The Video

Jason Prall is the co-founder of The Human Longevity Project and a passionate advocate of healthy living.

If we want to extend our lifespan in the future, we need to change the way we live in the present. But having a high quality of life isn’t just the result of the right diet and exercise.

It relates to our level of day-to-day stimulation, how much meaning we find in the things we do, and even our connection to others.

He explains how you can enhance all of these elements of your lifestyle and live blissfully — till the rest of your life.

What’s the first action step you will take after watching this talk to improve your wellbeing? Share it with us in the comments below and inspire others!

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