5 Steps To Clear Your Abundance Blocks — Energy Clearing Demonstrated Live On Stage

Watch how energy healing expert Christie Marie Sheldon demonstrates 5 steps to lifting your abundance blocks in a live energy clearing session on stage.

About The Video

When we’re children, we observe the world around us. This is how we learn and grow.

During this process, we unconsciously pick up a number of subtle signals from the adults in our lives. The signals we observe teach us how to think about things like money, health, and personal relationships.

The problem is that we also absorb the subconscious fears and stresses of our parents which turn into our energetic blocks into our future. And these blocks prevent us from manifesting the abundance we seek.

In this live energy clearing session, master energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon reveals the 5 steps we need to take to erase the energy blocks disrupting our abundance.

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