How To Eat Clean By Listening To Your Body

So You Think You’re Eating Right

Did you know that sugar is the biggest drug you take?

Most of us believe that dieting is all about a calorie count. If we run five miles, then we will have that apple pie — at the cost of our own health.

By recognizing some of the unhealthy drugs you regularly eat, you can cut them out from your diet and detox. But how do you develop healthier eating habits — without giving into cravings?

In this 20-minute talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Greece 2016, nutrition expert JJ Virgin and Mindvalley’s Founder Vishen Lakhiani share how to listen to your body and eat clean today.

The best highlights

  • (4:58) — JJ explains how sugar is the biggest drug we take;
  • (9:00) — She tells us that fiber is the number one thing you can do to change your diet;
  • (13:38) — You’ll learn about why it is so difficult to give up dairy, gluten, and sugar (the trifecta of drugs);
  • (16:22) — You’ll discover that the biggest lie in nutrition is about calories.

Watch this full talk to learn how to apply simple daily hacks towards getting better nutrition for long-lasting health.

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