Loving From My Overflow | Lisa Nichols

Loving From My Overflow | Lisa Nichols


If you ever need a self-love pep talk, take some notes from Lisa Nichols. She’ll inspire you to love yourself so you can serve the world from your overflow.

When Lisa Nichols shows up at center stage, magic happens. Her magnetic aura of love and light entrances you. And it makes you want to raise your hands in the air, nod your head, and say, “Mmhmm, sista! Amen!

And just like the Universe shows up for you when you need it most, so does Lisa. 

I came for you, the giver. I came for you, the servant leader. I came for you, the person who says ‘yes’ even before you know what the complete request is,” she says. “I came for you.”

The rate the world is going with the pandemic, prolonged stress levels, and what have you, it’s difficult at times to find a glimmer of goodness. It’s difficult at times to serve the world around you. And it’s difficult at times to find the strength to just show up.

So, enter Lisa at Mindvalley Summit with her love, light, and a much-needed pep talk on how to love and serve from your overflow.

Fall Madly In Love With Lisa Nichols

If you’re a Mindvalley Member, more than likely, you would’ve heard of Lisa. A powerhouse of inspiration, Lisa has shown up for countless people at Mindvalley A-Fests and in Mindvalley’s Speak & Inspire Quest, teaching them how to use their voice to step into their purpose.

But before she became the Lisa Nichols, how did she get here?

Back in the ’90s, Lisa was at the lowest point in her life and a statistic — a single mom living on welfare with barely $11 to her name. “I was broke and broken,” she recalls. But this became the fuel that sparked her to show up, so she could go on a remarkable journey of self-transformation and fall madly in love with herself.

And show up she did. Lisa is one of just two African-American women to take her company, Motivating the Masses, public. She is also the author of six best-selling books, including New York Times bestseller, No Matter What. She’s been on Oprah, The Today Show, and The Steve Harvey Show just to name a few.

Now, she showed up at Mindvalley Summit for you.

I just showed up to invite you to give the world notice that you’re coming, give the world notice that you’ve been here, give the world notice that you played polite long enough, now it’s time to play full out.”

Man smiling for self love

The One Lesson You Continue To Have To Learn

In order for you to serve someone, love someone, pour into someone, be a value to someone, you must serve yourself first.

— Lisa Nichols

Lisa’s message reads loud and clear: do for yourself first how you do for others.

It’s a lesson Lisa had to learn again and again and again and again. (Her emphasis, not ours.)

At Mindvalley Reunion 2018, she talked about the time she auditioned to be a Charlie’s Angel and the Bionic Woman. Unfortunately, she was rejected despite winning every event in the tryouts. And when asked why she didn’t get the roles, the response was, “we couldn’t choose you because which of the Charlie’s Angels or the Bionic Woman will you ever look like?

It led her to question herself and had a severe effect on her self-esteem. But Lisa wanted to do better for her and her child, so she made the commitment to bring great value to the planet and everyone around her while she’s still alive. 

In order to do that, she had to learn the crucial subject of loving herself first.

No one can ever love you more than you love yourself,” she says. “You are the first example of how the rest of the world is supposed to love you.” And according to Lisa, loving yourself should be the first thing you do to transform your life.

Oof. Yes, we felt that, too.

So, read that first statement again: “In order for you to serve someone, love someone, pour into someone, be of value to someone, you must serve yourself first.”

The Challenge Of Self-Love

More than likely, you’ve asked yourself this question: why is self-love so challenging?

According to Lisa, it’s because you’re keeping score of your past mistakes, pains, and even times you let yourself down. “You’re keeping evidence of why you shouldn’t love you and why loving you is difficult,” she explains. So, when you hear phrases like “love yourself,” your brain tells you that it’s got evidence why it should be hard to do so.

But while forgiving yourself is a huge step towards self-love, Lisa also advises you to not forget what happened to you in the past. After all, pain is a great teacher.

Instead, she invites you to replace “keeping score” with “keeping track.” Keeping track of your past mistakes and pains enables you to accept what has happened to you and the choices you made. But it doesn’t make you who you’re becoming.

Keep track of how you got there so you can make better decisions with the person you’re becoming,” she says. “Keeping track is using your past experiences to help you make a decision, but not using your past experiences as a block between you and your future self.”

Woman with her hands raised showing self love

Loving From Your Overflow

Oftentimes, when you’re serving the world, you’re serving from a half-empty cup. And that’s when you start feeling tired, drained, and burned out.

In order for you to show the world how to love you as the powerful being you are, Lisa advises to stop serving the world from a half-empty cup. Not even from a full cup. “You need every drop of this. This is for you,” she says, holding a cup full of juice.

The full cup is your commitment to making your life purposeful. It’s you checking yourself so that you don’t wreck yourself. It’s you falling in love with yourself.

And as Lisa keeps pouring and the cup flows over into the saucer, she adds, “this is where you serve the world.”

You serve the world when you’re full. You serve the world from your overflow. You serve the world from your saucer, not from your cup.

And if you ever need a little help from a tribe who’s also saying “Mmhmm, sista! Amen!” to serving from their overflow, you can find them at Mindvalley. We hope to see you there.

Written by
Tatiana Azman