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How To Expand Your Spiritual Awareness & Embrace A New World Of Limitless Possibilities

by Michael Beckwith June 13, 2018

In this captivating A-Fest talk, Michael Beckwith explores the stages of consciousness evolution and shows us how we access the limitless possibilities of this world.

A World Of Possibility

Have you ever wished you had more?

More money and more success. More friends. Even more peace of mind.

Most days, you might feel like you have enough in your life. You know you’ve got a lot to be grateful for. But sometimes scrolling through social media or reading the news can bring you down.

It starts to feel like the world is one of lack, comparison, and turmoil.

But what if you could live in a world of open doors and possibilities? What if you could feel inspired and intuit exactly what to do? What if you could make the world of your dreams happen?

You’d free yourself from your circumstances.

You’d expand your awareness.

And you’d activate the unique gifts you bring to the world.

Michael Beckwith is a world-renowned speaker, author, and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California.

From his featured appearance on The Secret in 2006 to his recurring presence on the Mindvalley stage, Beckwith never fails to ignite and inspire his audience.

In this speech, he delves into the realm of consciousness evolution and shows us how to expand our awareness of the world to witness the limitless possibilities available to us.

How To Make Your Potential A Reality

As Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith says, you are a unique expression of infinite potential. And when you choose to surrender to your innate wisdom, your highest self becomes more real than your past and current circumstances. You expand who you to more than just your historical self, more than what has happened to you.

You reclaim your power to reinvent yourself.

And you break free from a world where you simply have to cope.

You undergo a transformation so profound that you become impervious to stereotypes, prejudice, and glass ceilings.

How do you do this? Dr. Michael reveals in the inspiring how you can progress from each stage to the next and get to the 4th stage of spiritual consciousness. He shares his own miraculous story of asking for help — and receiving it.

About Michael Beckwith

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a multidenominational, international community of more than 9,000 congregation members. He’s also the creator of the Life Visioning Process, a method he teaches throughout the country.

He’s taught alongside other renowned peacemakers and spiritual leaders, including the Dalai Lama and Arun Gandhi. And he’s been featured on The Oprah Show, Dr. Oz, Larry King Live, The Secret, and his own PBS program, The Answer is You.

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by Michael Beckwith
Michael Beckwith is a sought after meditation teacher, conference speaker, award-winning author, and internationally renowned spiritual teacher. He teaches Mindvalley’s free Masterclass on The Power of Visioning, which he created to help you fully embrace your connection to the divine and let the Universe serve through you. Beckwith founded the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational community of thousands of local members and global live streamers, which is highly regarded for its cultural, racial, and spiritual diversity. He also participated alongside the Dalai Lama and other New Thought Ministers in The Synthesis Dialogues.

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