How To Clear Limiting Past Beliefs To Do The Impossible

“Whenever you reach for something new,
any beliefs inside of you are going to start bubbling up…
As you dissolve all of those beliefs, there won’t be anything
in the way for you to proceed…
So, the clearer you are, the faster you get the results in your life.
It’s all about changing your beliefs.”
— Joe Vitale

You Can Do The Impossible

When you discard limiting past beliefs, you can achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

In this 3-minute video excerpt from his training on Consciousness Engineering with Vishen Lakhiani, Joe Vitale explains his method of erasing past negative beliefs to do “the impossible,” and the difference between people that struggle — and people that achieve seemingly impossible feats.

In Joe’s case, he wanted to be a musician but he was faced with a limiting belief:

“Who am I, as a 60-year-old man,
to play a guitar and write music?”

Once he dissolved this belief, as he explains in his video, there wasn’t anything standing in the way of him pursuing his dream.

Watch the video to learn:

  • (0:09) — How limiting past beliefs can impact your career and slow down results.
  • (1:02) — When negative beliefs start coming up, and how to remove them as obstacles.
  • (1:37) — How Joe Vitale’s used clear goals to achieve his dreams faster.

Joe went from being homeless to becoming the creative powerhouse he is today. He discovered personal growth and the power of gratitude, and from there he went on to change his life.

He’s now the author of 50 books, has produced 15 albums and has appeared in 15 movies.

Joe is undeniably a creative superstar. He truly is a remarkable man.



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