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Which Light Of The Seven Do You Need In Your Life Right Now?

by Shannon Terrell October 12, 2018

The light of the seven can be a life-transforming force. The problem is, not many are aware of its power.

If more people knew about the light of the seven, they’d be able to unlock its power and put it in action in their own lives.

Why? Because understanding which of the seven rays you’re currently on can help you transcend and move on to the next stage of your spiritual development:

  1. Power and divine will
  2. Love and wisdom
  3. Intelligence and adaptability
  4. Harmony through conflict
  5. Concrete knowledge and science
  6. Devotion and idealism
  7. Organization and ritual

Ready to jump-start your progress? This crash course on the light of the seven can help guide you to higher levels of your spiritual evolution.

What Is The Light Of The Seven?

So, let’s start with the basics. What is the light of the seven all about, anyway?

The light of the seven is an ancient spiritual concept. It was first mentioned in the Upanishads, one of the sacred Vedic texts of ancient India. Since then, it has appeared in literature and art across the world and has been reinterpreted by many gurus, sages, and spiritual teachers over the centuries.

Deborah King, Author of Mindvalley’s Be A Modern Master, explains the rays this way:

“A ray is a type of energy that produces changes that intensify consciousness. When a ray becomes prominent, it starts to tear down old ideas and helps form and create new ones.”

seven rays

Understanding the seven rays

The seven rays are a way of experiencing the world and learning valuable lessons. In fact, you’re learning and experiencing a ray right now!

The question is: which of the seven rays are you working on?

Eventually, you master the ray of light you’re working on and move onto the next. And each initiation brings you more control over your life path.

There are seven rays and seven ascended masters, each responsible for directing a ray. These ascended masters can help guide you as you work to learn the lessons of your ray.

Who are the ascended masters? Well, they’re spiritual teachers and sages, each from a unique spiritual path. During their lifetime, they embarked on a journey of transformation that helped them develop the insight they would need to govern their ray.

The ascended masters can help deliver the wisdom and insight you need to progress to the next ray in your personal development.

Which Of The 7 Rays Of Light Are You Working On?

So, which light of the seven do you currently reside in? The more you understand about the seven rays and their properties, the better able you’ll be to make progress in your spiritual journey.

ray of power

1. Power and divine will

The first ray of light is the ray of power and divine will. It’s governed by the color red, and its ascended master is El Morya.

People working on this ray have a very powerful sense of drive, focus, and personal willpower. They can be ruthless and cunning but are also strong and courageous leaders.

Oftentimes, people on this ray will be at the head of their selected field. They have difficulty expressing their feelings and can feel isolated and alone. Watch for feelings of pride and arrogance, and use your focus to clear the way for new structures and paradigms.

ray of love

2. Love and wisdom

The second ray of light is the ray of love, wisdom, and truth. It’s governed by the color blue, and its ascended master is Koot Hoomi.

If you’re currently at work on this ray, you’re well known for your patience, endurance, calm temper, and thirst for knowledge.

You may sometimes find yourself too absorbed in your intellectual pursuits. If taken too far, you can become cold and indifferent.

The energies of this ray bring a longing for wisdom and illumination. What you need most while working on this ray is compassion and empathy.  

ray of intelligence

3. Intelligence and adaptability

The third ray is the ray of intelligence and adaptability. It’s governed by the color yellow, and its ascended master is Paul the Venetian.

If you’re working on this ray, you may find that you’re able to use your intelligence to your advantage, but that you’re sometimes carried away by your mental activity.

People in this ray are philosophical, quick-witted, and are able to focus on abstract principles with a clear and holistic worldview. Be on the lookout for intellectual pride or being too critical of others.

ray of harmony

4. Harmony through conflict

The fourth ray of light is the ray of harmony through conflict. It’s governed by the color green and its ascended master is Serapis Bey.

This ray is all about achieving balance on the path to self-mastery. It also happens to be called the ray of struggle.

If you’re working on this ray, you may find yourself struggling for motivation. You have things you’d like to accomplish, but can’t quite muster up the energy. Your passions are powerful, but you worry.

Those at work on this ray are often compassionate, loving, and warm. They are courageous and generous but need to work on self-control and inner confidence.

ray of knowledge

5. Concrete knowledge and science

The fifth ray is the ray of knowledge and science. It’s governed by the color orange and its ascended master is Master Hilarion.

People working on this ray are developing a genuine knowledge of the soul. They possess the powerful intellect and are independent thinkers. But they are sometimes too critical of others and can lack empathy and warmth.

If you currently reside in this ray, you need to work on being more open-minded. Explore your spiritual path through the compilation of knowledge.

ray of devotion

6. Devotion and idealism

The sixth ray of light is the ray of devotion and idealism. It’s governed by the color violet and its ascended master is Jesus of Nazareth.

This ray is all about serving others. Intelligence requires love to be truly wise, so those working on this ray need spiritual nourishment.

If you reside in this ray, you may sometimes find yourself becoming jealous and easily angered. Work to see the good and virtuous in others and recognize that the benefit of the group is greater than all else.

ray of ritual

7. Organization and ritual

Finally, we come to the seventh ray, the ray of organization and ritual. This ray is governed by the color indigo, and its ascended master is Saint Germain.

This ray teaches the transmutation of energy. Mastery of this ray can bring you power over your own personal energy field.

Also known as the ray of the high priest, the seventh ray is used for self-reliance and courage. Those working on this ray delight in helping others in accordance with their role. They’re detail oriented and can sometimes be too prideful and opinionated.

If you’re working on this ray, try to develop greater tolerance and humility. A union is found in truth.

So, which of the seven rays are you currently working on? Tell us in the comments below!

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