What An Ivy League Graduate Has To Say About Her Mindvalley Education

Mindvalley Education

Here at Mindvalley, we love to receive feedback from our readers in order to fully understand how we are reaching out and connecting with the world. So, you can imagine how excited we were when Kalpana Ranadive, Ivy League graduate, stopped by Vishen’s Facebook page to let him know what she has gained from Mindvalley products such as Silva, Quantum Jumping, and Love Or Above.

Here is what Kalpana had to say about her Mindvalley Education journey:

With stories like this, we feel inspired and driven to continue providing such awesome products in order to reach our goal of touching 1 Billion lives by the year 2050 and help more people become the CEO of their lives.

Let us know what you think of Kalpana’s journey in the comment section below!



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