It Feels Good To Be Appreciated

It feels good to be appreciated

It feels good to be appreciated. And today we received probably one of the single best customer support emails from one of our BlinkList community members! It was just so good that I wanted to share it with you.

Here is a copy of the email that we just received:

“You guys rock! I have been using blinklist for a little while now and this is definitely one of the most useful sites I have ever stumbled upon. I recommend it to all my friends and for myself, I would be totally, completely and utterly lost without my cloud. But best part is you keep making it better. Every day I notice some little improvement that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (okay, not really, but the improvements are great). So thanks for the awesome app!”

– Dan

I wanted to extend a big thank you to our team and in particular to Jiangti, Hannu, and Dani that are constantly working on making BlinkList better and better! It is because of them that our community is rapidly expanding!




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