A New Movement in Spirituality – Introducing Soulvana, A School For The Soul

Introducing Soulvana

A New Movement in Spirituality – Mindvalley Launches Soulvana, “A School For The Soul” Featuring Award-Winning Television Presenter Asha Gill

August 25th 2015 – Mindvalley, leading digital education and publisher of lifelong learning in personal development and wellbeing, launches a brand new online academy and storefront for spirituality… Introducing Soulvana! Soulvana publishes the world’s top teachers and courses for the spiritual community and features with award-winning television presenter Asha Gill as its host.

Following the success of its pioneering academy for personal growth, Mindvalley Academy, Mindvalley recognises the growing niche of modern spiritualists worldwide, as well as the Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) audience, who are seeking an alternative approach to their wellbeing and relationships, in order to lead a life of deeper purpose and meaning.

Hence Soulvana, which is designed to take spirituality and weave it into Mindvalley’s global conversation to enhance education worldwide, by bridging technology and community with today’s greatest courses and ideas in spirituality. Collaborating with leading publishers as well as Mindvalley’s own publishing portfolio, Soulvana features teachers like Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, Yogi Cameron, Carol Tuttle, Anodea Judith and more on its storefront.

Customers can experience each product on Mindvalley’s seamlessly designed and cutting-edge learning platform, Elula, which enables them to consume a course at home or on the go through its desktop and mobile versions. Like Mindvalley Academy, Soulvana will also feature free monthly online trainings with its leading authors.

While introducing Soulvana to the public and begining the countdown to the launch, Mindvalley released an inspirational video to titled A New Movement In Spirituality:

The video, which has collectively garnered over 80,000 views, 3500 shares and 350 comments from viewers worldwide in just 1 week, features host Asha Gill and Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani as they invite spiritual enthuasiasts around the world to share their vision on a global spiritual awakening, and draw inspiration from minds and philosophers such as Ken Wilber, Lao Tzu, Albert Einstein and more.

While customers are able to purchase courses and products individually on Soulvana, the academy’s main feature is its membership program, the Soulvana Circle. For a fixed monthly fee, members of the Soulvana Cirle will have access to a new course every month, discover key insights from selected spiritual teachers from the Soulvana portfolio, become part of a private community and support system of fellow soul-seekers to engage, interact and grow with, as guided by host Asha Gill.

Introducing Soulvana
Asha Gill, host of Soulvana by Mindvalley.
(Photographed by Paulius Staniunas at DR.inc)

The award-winning television presenter, radio DJ and writer has worked on various programs on lifestyle, women, entertainment, personal growth, travel and spirituality; including on Channel V, Discovery Travel & Living and Lonely Planet.

“We’re excited to have Asha Gill on board – she’s had over 20 years of experience on international television and has interviewed a wide range of personalities in many different industries,” said Vishen. “With her natural presence, vibrant personality, candid humour and genuine warmth, we believe Asha, who is a personal growth and spiritual enthusiast herself, is the perfect candidate to engage and guide our audience in their spiritual journey.”

In conjunction with the launch of Soulvana, the academy is offering an early-bird rate for its “founding members” – valid until August 31st 2015, customers can subscribe to the Soulvana Circle for only $19.90 a month for life, as opposed to the regular price of $29.90 a month from September 1st 2015 onwards.


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