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Soul Introducing Jeffrey Allen, Your New Trainer For Spiritual Fitness

Introducing Jeffrey Allen, Your New Trainer For Spiritual Fitness

We know that in order to live well we need to move our bodies and eat better — but many people don’t realize that our spiritual fitness is just as essential for our wellbeing as our physical fitness.

We’re more than just our physical bodies. And it’s time to cultivate all the dimensions of ourselves that we take for granted.

Introducing Jeffrey Allen: the energy healer and spiritual teacher that is ready to take you on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and profound healing.

Introducing Jeffrey Allen: Masterclass Instructor and Energy Healer

When you think about the word fitness, you tend to think about the physical body. You think about musculature, nutrition, mobility, exercise, working out at the gym, and yoga. But what if we also paid equal attention to spiritual fitness?

—Vishen Lakhiani

When you say the words spiritual fitness, what comes to mind?

Most of us neglect our spiritual fitness because we don’t even know that it exists. We’re unaware that there’s an entire dimension to our being that can impact our health, our prosperity, and our relationships.

In this video, Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, introduces spiritual teacher and energy healer, Jeffrey Allen. Together they share the secrets of spiritual fitness and how it can make your experience in this life bigger and better than you ever thought it could be.

How Can I Improve My Spiritual Fitness?

Every part of you starts with your spiritual fitness. One of the big benefits of working with your spiritual fitness is that it helps you unlock your transcendence. It’s the highest level you can achieve with your awareness.

—Jeffrey Allen

The energetic body, much like the physical body, can get sick. This manifests as what Jeffrey calls, energy blocks.

These energy blocks can be lodged anywhere in your energetic body and have a number of consequences.

In fact, energy blocks have the potential to impact your physical health.

The first step in improving your spiritual fitness? Learning to read and understand the energetic body. And moving beyond that? Identifying your personal energy blocks.

How To Put Yourself in an Accelerated Cycle of Growth
By Vishen Lakhiani

By the end of this Masterclass, you will walk away with the tools and techniques you need to automate your personal growth and unlock your extraordinary potential.

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Jeffrey Allen designed the Unlocking Transcendence Masterclass to help you develop spiritual muscles.

What are spiritual muscles?

Well, like you work on improving your physical fitness by conditioning the muscles of your physical body, improving your spiritual fitness is all about powering up your spiritual muscles.

Spiritual muscles are techniques you can use to literally heal yourself and dissolve unwanted energy blocks.

Vishen explains it this way:

“Spiritual fitness is about a completely different dimension of ourselves that people often take for granted.”

Are you ready to start working on your spiritual fitness? It all starts here.

Jeffrey’s Masterclass can help you awaken to the most profound, powerful parts of your energetic self. Learn to dissolve the blocks holding you back from your true potential by developing your 12 spiritual muscles.

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Jeffrey Allen