An Interview With One Of Our "Customer Support Moms"

MIndvalley's Interview with Customer Support Moms

When our former Customer Support Director, Hannah Zambrano, shared the story of her mother – of how her mother had been a great source of strength, love and inspiration to the woman Hannah is today, we too were inspired. So we dedicated our Customer Support Centre in Costa Rica Rica to hiring mothers who are looking for a full-time job that will enable them to work from home and still raise their children. Here, we record the first interview with customer support moms. 

But really we didn’t think it was going to work. We thought it would be unproductive because obviously if you’re a stay-at-home mom you tend to be distracted. What we found was interesting. It defied logic. The  moms working from home, while simultaneously taking care of their kids, outperformed our 9-5 customer support where people came into the office. We didn’t know why, but what we learened was:

  1. Trust people.
  2. 9-5 is an illusion.
  3. A motivated person can easily juggle work and family.
  4. What made this work was having a clear metric for customer support (using Daily).
  5. Changing the idea of customer support, from support to more of an experience for customers. They are there to inspire the customers to make their day, to spread smiles. A typical email from custoemrs are typically gratitude, this is the best suport ever. So we found out that we can really change lives- helping moms stay with their kids, working from home, while still delivering a  response.

But the coolest thing is that, we were able to prove that virtual mothers working from home while taking care of their kids were able to (on Nice Reply) score a 9.8 out of 10. This puts us in the top 2% of all companies. So, we hit quality work.

And it’s been a successful decision – we’ve received some of the most heartfelt and beautiful comments and letters from our customers on their experience with these women. So, we decided to share some of their life stories with our audience (as well as through this blog), so that hopefully these stories will inspire you, as they have us. This is the first of our interview with customer support moms. 

First up, we had a wonderful chat with Francesca Facio, who currently leads our Costa Rican team. Francesca is mother to two amazing children, whose opportunity with Mindvalley introduced her to a life of gratitude, mindfulness and giving.

Francesca with her daughter, Ana Victoria. Francesca has been with our Customer Support Center in Costa Rica, which now consists of a team of 16 stay-at-home mothers, since 2013.
Francesca with her daughter, Ana Victoria. Francesca has been with our Customer Support Center in Costa Rica, which now consists of a team of 16 stay-at-home mothers, since 2013.

How has life changed since you joined our team?

It’s more than changed – I feel that my life has really evolved to new levels of consciousness! I’ve adopted a more positive mindset, I’ve learned how to stop and breathe, how to be mindful, how to be more grateful, and how to truly give. I now see, feel and taste the world around me in a whole different way. And I never let my limiting beliefs dictate what I can or cannot do.

And embarking on this journey for myself is the only way I can help others around the world start theirs. The chance to impact someone’s life is the most wonderful part of this job.

Best of all, my husband and my children are extremely proud of what I do, because they know that I work to help people lead a better quality of life, and they want to do this as well for their friends and our family! So the multiplying effect is really beautiful.

Francesca & Eduardo
Francesca with her son Eduardo on the evening of his 15th birthday this year.

Tell us about how you discovered Mindvalley.

I have two children – my son Eduardo, who just turned 16, and his younger sister, Ana Victoria (we call her Avi). Eduardo has Asperger’s Syndrome and he had also lost his frontal lobe from a car accident when he was a child. His doctors and therapists said that he would probably need assistance for the rest of his life – a “shadow” to guide him on his regular routines when he grows up.I feared that if anything were to ever happened to me, I would not be able to help him through, and he would be left helpless, because he didn’t fit in the regular “employee” profile here in Costa Rica.

Then one day I came across (an old) Mindvalley video – A Day in the Life of Mindvalley, that showcased the environment at the headquarters. I couldn’t believe that there such a place could exist – a place where you could be different and be appreciated as an asset for being different. When Eduardo saw the video he said, “See mom, even grownups can play with lightsabers! I want to go there to this office, it seems like fun.”

That video alone inspired Eduardo to be comfortable with being himself, and as a result my fear banished, knowing that there is always a place for anyone, and I knew he can grow up to have a happy life and be OK. This was just priceless.Eduardo isn’t the only one.

His sister Avi is also learning to dream big and pursue her dream (just like me!). Her main passion is dancing, and she was chosen to represent her academy of 600 dancers to compete in multiple international competitions including in New York and Orlando.

Avi & Francesca
With Avi at the Tremaine 2014 Dance Competition in Orlando, USA.

How has motherhood influenced the way you do customer service?

I believe motherhood teaches you how to be a good listener, to be more empathetic, and to really embrace that everyone is different. You learn to “tune in” to each customer in order to find the best way to help them.

Being a parent also puts a different purpose in what you do, because you are mindful that what you do will have a direct impact on your children. How you treat people today is how they will treat others when they grow up.

So patience, respect, empathy, fun, and care become more than just your job requirements – they become a model for your kids to deal with their own communities.

Can you share with us an awesome experience that you’ve had with a customer?

There are too many awesome stories! I’ve had people who said that they thought their life was over, and then they found Mindvalley as a source of inspiration to give themselves a second chance. In most cases people really just need a friendly ear to listen to them and help them overcome a stepping stone.

But if I have to share one special story, I once helped a female customer with her personal journey and we’ve now become friends! We actually got to meet in person at Awesomeness Fest in Dominican Republic. She was shy at first but as I worked more closely with her we ended up helping each other grow. It’s a very beautiful and symbolic relationship.

She is now a public speaker and a healing coach helping hundreds of people! Knowing that I was part of her transformative process ensures me that my impact has now multiplied to touch even more lives 🙂

How has working at Mindvalley impacted your own personal growth?

I used to manage a commercial center. I was under a lot of stress and always felt like I was running from one task to the next, dreading the fact that I had to deal with people who made me uncomfortable and the daily demands from our customers.

Then one evening I gave myself some alone time to breathe, have a glass of wine and write down what I really wanted out of a career and how it would help me live the life I wanted:

  1. A job that makes me happy and enables me to help other people be happy.
  2. A job that enables me to be actively present in my children’s lives.
  3. A job that will help me grow into the person I want to be.
  4. A job that will help change the world however I can.

The next day, I started looking for a new career path, completely confident that the universe had my back. I went online and found an opening at Mindvalley. I don’t remember exactly what the ad said, but it covered everything on my list! It felt like the job had been designed specially for me.

So I applied, and my journey with this company began! I dedicated my weekends to soaking up its amazing programs so that I’d be prepared to help customers understand what we do; and in the process I realized that I was working on my own evolution.

What is your favorite part about your role with Mindvalley?

Helping to improve the lives of the people in my team, so that they too can see that this is more than a job – this can be the very best life experience for their growth and this can give them the ability to transform lives!

What do you think of our interview with customer support moms? Are you a parent running a company, managing a team, or working in customer support? How has parenthood affected how you hire talent or deal with your clients and customers? We’d love to hear your thoughts and your own stories – even heroic and inspiring stories of your own working moms and dads 🙂



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