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Mindvalley Celebrated Its Indian Culture Day In Style (Music Video)

Delicious southern breakfast, flavorful northern lunch, pumping Bollywood music, colorful fashion, milky masala tea, and an abundance of sweet and spicy snacks– we got the full works from our Indian team members celebrated its annual Indian Culture Day at Mindvalley.

Fact: on average we have over 20 different Culture Days every year because that’s how diverse our team is!

This is a sneak peek of what happened at India Day, where our Indian employees turned the entire office into a festival to celebrate Indian culture, food and dance.

Filmed and edited by Kuhan Kunasegaran.

Music: “Indian Flute” by Timbaland and Magoo (feat. Raje Shwari and Sebastian)

Mindvalley employs people from over 40 countries in one office, and we love celebrating our diversity. You can learn more about how Mindvalley sets the bar for truly awesome work culture on founder Vishen Lakhiani’s talk – How to Attract Brilliant Talent and Grow Like Crazy.



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