How To Increase Your Physical Strength Using This Breathing Technique From Wim Hof

Meet Wim Hof — a man who holds 20+ Guinness World Records and whom many call “Superhuman.” In this video, Wim Hof teaches a simple breathing technique that can help you access more of your physical potential.

About The Video

There are many amazing men and women in the world, but Wim Hof, AKA the Dutch “Superhuman,” is one of the most puzzling human beings out there.

Wim has been baffling scientists for years with his ability to do the impossible. Here are some of the crazy things he’s been able to accomplish by using the mind-body connection:

  • He’s climbed Mount Everest in just his shorts.
  • He’s ran a full marathon above the arctic circle — once again, in just his shorts.
  • He holds the world record for the longest time being fully immersed in ice.
  • He’s been able to influence his autonomic nervous system and immune system at will.

But he’s no genetic freak. He’s been able to use the scientifically-proven Wim Hof Method to redefine what humans are really capable of.

So who better to teach us how to discover our full physical potential?

In this video, Wim teaches Vishen Lakhiani a simple breathing technique that will improve your physical strength, reset your nervous system, and influence your performance ability.

If you want to learn more on how to unlock your full potential and harness the power within, check out the new FREE Masterclass with Wim Hof on How To Access Your Superhuman Abilities.

Did you try out this breathing technique? How did you feel afterwards?

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