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The Importance of Passion and Perseverance To Succeed

by Cheyenne Diaz December 28, 2017

How can you improve your chances of success?

Many people believe that talent is the primary reason people become successful. But the truth is: Successful people meet their goals because their passion helps them persevere.

Triple Your Success With This Thing Called “Grit”

Grit is the characteristic that allows successful people to overcome their challenges — and even see obstacles as opportunities.

In this video from TED TalksNew York Times bestseller and pioneering psychologist, Angela Lee Duckworth, shares how grit can help spelling bee competitors, teachers and salespeople become leaders in their field.

Unfortunately, schools often focus solely on talent in particular subjects and fail to recognize perseverance as a major factor in success.

But it’s possible to improve our grit and increase our chances of success.

Watch the 6-minute video above to learn how grit can help you — and your kids — succeed and discover:

      • How passion and perseverance can improve your life;
      • How to teach your kids and yourself grit;
      • What a “growth mindset” is, and why it’s important.

The Importance Of Passion & Perseverance For Flow

Angele Duckworth defines grit as “passion and perseverance for very long-term goals.”

It is the ability to pursue challenging things without an immediate feedback loop. A person who has developed their grit embraces the effort and time it takes to do something valuable. They spend time in their discomfort, experiencing failure and tackling setbacks.

That psychological trait might sound like the opposite of flow, a psychological state defined by its ease.

When a person is in flow, they are completely absorbed in what they are doing, time seems to disappear, good decisions come easily and quickly. They’re in the zone, easily accomplishing challenges just outside of their comfort zone.

Flow is all about the now, whereas grit is all about the future.

But here’s the kicker — the two are actually extremely related. Developing the grit trait is actually crucial to experiencing the flow state. Yes, flow requires a “letting go” and grit requires “digging in,” but it turns out that gritty practices lead to flowy states.

The Habit Of Ferocity

There really is a science behind extraordinary performance. This peak performance formula is used by top athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, who harness it to achieve the seemingly impossible. The idea that gritty practices lead to flowy states is one of the major components of the Habit of Ferocity.

The New York Times bestselling author of books like Stealing Fire and The Rise of Superman, Steven Kotler, developed the Habit of Ferocity in order to overcome the habit of inferiority.

The truth is that so many of us learn how to avoid challenges instead of tackling them head-on. Too many of us allow “tomorrow” to be the most productive day, the day when we’ll do the thing we want to do most in the world.

And fun, freedom, and flow lay on the other side of discipline. In order to develop more grit and flow in your life, you need to train yourself to master your mental states. That’s exactly what you do with the Habit of Ferocity

What do you think is the most important attribute you need to have in order to succeed? 

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by Cheyenne Diaz
Cheyenne Diaz is a Mindvalley Writer, who always gets creative inspiration when she takes hikes through her favorite place in the world, Big Sur, California. As a multiethnic American, she grew up learning and loving other cultures. She’s a passionate supporter of appreciating the beauty of the world through travel, food and art.

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