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The 3 Types Of Criticism And How To Respond To Each By Marisa Peer

by Marisa Peer January 1, 2018

In this video, Marisa Peer explains how you can become immune to all criticism.

How To Respond To Each Type Of Criticism

Human beings thrive on praise. We love feeling good about ourselves and be proud of our achievements.

But as much as we enjoy appreciation, criticism can easily hurt us. Unless we learn how to react to it and become immune to criticism.

Marisa Peer has been coaching the highest achievers of the world from star athletes, through Hollywood actors, all the way to CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies.

She has found that their success depends on a single skill. The ability to deal with criticism.

In this video above, Marisa Peer introduces the 3 types of criticism that affect our self-esteem and gives you simple techniques to tackle each of them.

These powerful mental tools will be your armor on the way to your success as you build unbreakable confidence.

The Mental Tools You Need To Become Immune To Criticism

In order to build our self-esteem and experience extraordinary levels of success, we need certain mental tools in our toolbox.

And one of those tools we need is to become immune to criticism. Yes, not letting criticism in is easier said than done. But according to Marisa Peer, it’s actually quite easy once you know how the brain works.

It turns out that evolution designed our brains to have a negativity bias. That’s why we can so easily remember what went wrong at the end of our day, not went right. Those moments are sticky. They stick to our minds because back in the day that negativity bias could protect us from being chased by a saber-toothed tiger.

Nowadays, that bias doesn’t always help us. That’s why it’s important to reprogram our brain so we focus on the positive and don’t let the negative stick.

There are several other ways that our brain is programmed to keep us locked into an old paradigm of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and unrealized success. That’s why Marisa developed eight essential mind shifts you need to make to become the super achiever.

Fortunately, she developed a remarkable, easy-to-follow process called Transformational Therapy. Through it, she’ll help you live an Uncompromised Life.

About Marisa Peer

Over the past 25 years, Marisa Peer has coached a long list of royalty, celebrities, political leaders, Olympic athletes, rockstars, and CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies on how to adopt the mental models that lead to extraordinary success. Tatler Magazine voted her the United Kingdom’s No. 1 Therapist due to her unique approach to healing.

Since 2015, Marisa’s helped more than 100,000 Mindvalley members implant the mental models of success into their consciousness. The Uncompromised Life course is an amazing opportunity to go through her Transformational Therapy process and unlock the blocks to your success.

What would you do if you were always immune to criticism? 

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by Marisa Peer
Marisa Peer is a Mindvalley author and was named Britain’s Best Therapist by Tatler magazine. Her extensive client list over the past 25 years includes royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs of multibillion dollar companies and political leaders. She uses the power of Transformational Hypnotherapy, a science of turning ordinary people into extraordinary individuals within one of two sessions. Through her work, Marisa has discovered that there are eight unique Mental Thought Models that the top 1% of super-achievers in the world possess. But 99% of the population lack at least one of them.

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