How To Become Immune To Criticism In 3 Simple Steps By Marisa Peer

In this video, Marisa Peer explains how you can become immune to criticism in 3 simple steps.

About The Video

Human beings thrive on praise. We love feeling good about ourselves and be proud of our achievements.

But as much as we enjoy appreciation, we are just as easily hurt by criticism. Unless we learn how to react to it and become immune to criticism.

Marisa Peer has been coaching the highest achievers of the world from star athletes, through Hollywood actors, all the way to CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies.

She has found that their success depends on a single skill. The ability to deal with criticism.

In this video above, Marisa Peer introduces the 3 types of criticism that affect our self-esteem and gives you simple techniques to tackle each of them.

These powerful mental tools will be your armor on the way to your success as you build unbreakable confidence.

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What would you do if you were always immune to criticism? Share it with us in a comment below!

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